Every hero needs a hideaway.

Over 2,500+ lairs across the cosmos for you to live in.

Join thousands of griffins, gremlins, and intergalactic gladiators in the Lairbnb community.

Stay connected and comfortable in our Hero-ready listings
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A super hero needs a super home.

Convenient locations

Close to most planets inhabited by intelligent life and flying distance from popular attractions.

Great amenities

The most advanced gadgets, highly-trained sidekicks, and cleverly hidden hideaways.

“I put my cape on one shoulder at a time just like anybody else. I think by staying with me, people get a sense of that. That's sort of what a lair is all about.”
Ted, Superhost
Ted, Superhost
Sector 177-E

A place to hang your bow.

A variety of lairs

Hobbit holes, nooks, and enchanted forests abound, perfect for your sacred quest to triumph over evil.

Group stays and retreats

There's room for your entire clan in our spacious fortresses and forests.

“I like people to feel at home in my lair. But I also want my guests to get out and explore the city. I want them to know what it's like to live here, so I give them suggestions. I know a lot about nightlife.”
Ian, 100 year host
Ian, 100 year host
Western Vampire County

Long-term stays for the mature traveler.

Check-in, day or night

Shy, nocturnal, or recently reanimated? 24-hour check-in makes your arrival easy.

Privacy first

Stay in private lairs for lots of peace, quiet, and eternal rest.