How JB & Ramona host

JB and Ramona host in Boston to earn extra money for retirement.

JB and Ramona host in Boston to earn extra money for retirement.

What was your motivation to start hosting?

With our children moving away, we find ourselves with so much extra space. We thought some income from utilizing the space would be great.

How much work is it? Was it easy to get started hosting?

I went onto the Airbnb site and found getting started was much easier than I anticipated. Within a couple of months we were all set for our first guest. And it's something we haven't regretted since.

Have your earnings on Airbnb allowed you to realize any goals you otherwise might not have been able to achieve?

We’re able to set a little bit aside towards retirement and toward tuition bills for both our children. It's something that allows us to relax a little bit.

Any favourite hosting moments? Has hosting enabled you to do or learn something unexpected?

We've had guests from all over the world. It's awesome experiencing different cultures in our home without having to leave. Also, we want to travel and so now we have all these other folks from everywhere we’re already connected with when that time comes.

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