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Tasting Chocolates High above the Sea

Tasting Chocolates High above the Sea

About your host, John
I made chocolates one night for my art opening, they became popular and we turned it into an international business based in New York City for 25 years! My chocolates and techniques have been on Martha Stewart, Anthony Bourdain, and the Food Network, and were sold in the best stores in the metro NYC area, as well as the best shops in Tokyo. We moved here to retire from the City's lifestyle, and we are enjoying the Sunshine Coast.
2 hours total
1 meal, Snacks, Drinks and 1 ticket
Offered in English and French
Every new experience meets Airbnb’s high quality standards.
What we’ll do
If you are chocolate curious, or more likely chocolate obsessed, we'd be delighted to spend an afternoon with you, immersed in chocolate talk and tasting at Christopher Norman Chocolates' artisanal atelier in Halfmoon Bay on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Through tasting a variety of chocolates, you'll get familiar with the 'tasting notes' of chocolates; chocolate origins, vocabularies, …
What else you should know
Accessible by bus + car (Langdale Ferry), with street-level parking. Our Chocolates may be purchased by our Guests. We regret that the premises is not wheelchair accessible.
What I’ll provide
Chocolate Bar 󴀁
A reminder of your visit

Beverages 󲀃
Green Tea for palate cleansing. Espresso. Please bring your own wine or spirits, if that is your preference.

Discount for listing 󷀁
Ravens Pass accommodations, Halfmoon Bay Discount when booked with Experience

Tasting Chocolates 󴀁
Variety of Dark, Milk and White Chocolates