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Travel admin

Airbnb for Work: Generating and exporting an expense report

As a travel admin for your company’s Airbnb for Work account, you can generate expense reports from the dashboard. You can review info, such as how many nights your colleagues have booked, the total amount they’ve spent, and the average daily rate for bookings.

To create and export an expense report:

  1. From your Airbnb for Work dashboard, click Reporting
  2. From the drop-down filters, select either All company trips or Trips I’ve booked, then choose the desired date range of your report (ex: month to date or last month)
  3. Your selections will generate an updated report
  4. To export the report to a CSV, click Export CSV
  5. When your CSV is ready, you’ll get an email containing a link to download the file

Learn more about managing company travel.

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