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Superhost Ambassadors

Superhost Ambassadors are Superhosts who help people all over the world discover the benefits of hosting. They earn rewards for bringing new Hosts to Airbnb and provide one-on-one guidance and tools to help brand-new Hosts succeed.

Check out the Superhost Ambassador Program Terms and Conditions for more information.

Becoming a Superhost Ambassador

If you’re a Superhost and want to share your experience with new Hosts, you could become a Superhost Ambassador through the Superhost Ambassador program.

The benefits of being a Superhost Ambassador include:

  • Connecting with new Hosts and mentoring them as they bring their first Airbnb listing live
  • Rewards for each eligible new listing you help bring onto Airbnb
  • Access to exclusive features, resources and insights

To be eligible to apply for the program, you must be a current Superhost and your account must be in good standing. To apply to become a Superhost Ambassador, visit the Superhost Ambassador program webpage.

Maintaining your Superhost Ambassador status

Every 3 months, we check to make sure you continue to meet the following criteria:

  • You’ve maintained Superhost status
  • Your account is still in good standing

Superhost Ambassadors who don’t meet the quarterly criteria may be granted a grace period to regain Superhost status. Airbnb reserves the right to pause participation in the program or require Hosts that do not maintain their Superhost status to rejoin the program at a later date.

Being a Superhost Ambassador

There are 2 ways that you can interact with new Hosts: 

  • Referring them to Airbnb and helping to answer questions as they set up a listing 
  • Connecting with them through the Superhost Ambassador program.

Referring new Hosts

To refer potential Hosts, you can go to your Ambassador dashboard, copy your unique referral link and share it through your preferred channels: messages, emails, social media and more. Potential Hosts who use your referral link will land on a customized page with your name and profile picture, where they can create a new listing. 

Remember that you’ll only receive a reward if the new Host you refer follows your unique invitation link and creates a listing in the same session. You can refer anyone who's new to hosting on Airbnb, even if they already have an Airbnb account. 

If a new Host has previously received a referral invitation from someone else or has previously been matched to a Superhost Ambassador, then you won't be eligible to receive a reward.

Participating in the Superhost Ambassador program

If you’re approved to be a Superhost Ambassador, you may be able to connect with new Hosts through our Superhost Ambassador program. Using your experience, you can help guide them through the process of setting up their own listing, give advice about things like cleaning and taking the right photos, share experience and insights, and earn rewards along the way.

As part of the program, you’ll have access to a dashboard where you can keep track of your new Host connections and watch their progress. Airbnb has a library of tips, suggestions and workshops to support your journey with prospective Hosts for use at your discretion. We’ll make our resources available to help you answer questions that might come up.

Getting matched with a new Host

Our goal is to match you with new Hosts who can benefit from your specific experiences. We use a matching system that is based on a number of factors, including:

  • Location: Where you and your listing(s) are located. This could be the same neighbourhood, the same area—or even in another country.
  • Listing type: What type of listing(s) you have—an entire place, a private room, or a shared space.
  • Online now: Whether you’ve indicated that you’re “Online now” in your Superhost Ambassador dashboard.

We want to help match you to Hosts in circumstances that you may be familiar with, so that you are well equipped to advise them.

Note: We periodically reevaluate our matching system and these factors are subject to change. Matches in different countries factor in shared language.

Online now status

One of the responsibilities of being a Superhost Ambassador is to be responsive to prospective new Host inquiries. To this end, as a Superhost Ambassador you can indicate when you are currently online and actively answering inquiries from prospective Hosts you’ve been matched with, or new matches that may occur while you are online.

Superhost Ambassador statistics

As a Superhost Ambassador, you’ll be able to see information about your interactions with prospective Hosts. This information includes things like response rate to new inquiries, or the percentage of prospective Host mentees that make it to their first reservation. Periodically, new statistics will be added so you can analyze your interactions with prospective Hosts.

Benefits of being a Superhost Ambassador

How rewards are calculated

The amount you earn from referring and mentoring new Hosts depends on a number of factors, including their listing location and type. As a result, you may receive a different payout for each qualifying referral or each Host you help through the Superhost Ambassador program. To view your anticipated cash reward, visit your Ambassador Dashboard. Financial rewards are periodically recalculated. Airbnb reserves the right to change how future financial rewards will be determined.

When you get paid

You get paid when a new Host you have referred or mentored completes their first qualifying reservation. To be eligible, the reservation must have a total value of at least $50 USD or the local equivalent (before taxes and fees)—and must be completed no later than 365 days after you are matched with the new Host.

Note: This doesn’t mean that the nightly rate for the new listing has to be more than $50 USD, but it does mean that the total value of the reservation (including all nights) must exceed $50 USD.

Qualifying reservations must be legitimate bookings. Fake reservations, reservations made by family or friends, agreements to share referral awards or other kickback schemes all violate the rules of the program. The Host must also be new to hosting on the platform, which means that they’ve had no previously completed reservations on Airbnb across any of their listings.

Payouts typically happen about 14 days after the guest checks out from the qualifying reservation. For example, if a qualifying reservation’s checkout date is 10 January, the payment will typically be sent around 24 January.

Superhost Ambassador guidelines

Ambassadors should keep these guidelines in mind:

  1. To create context on the support you provide, it can be helpful to introduce yourself as a Superhost Ambassador whose goal is to help new Hosts successfully get started with hosting on Airbnb.
  2. Superhost Ambassadors are not Airbnb employees and do not work under the direction of Airbnb or its employees. This must be made clear to referrals and new Host connections in your communications. Superhost Ambassadors are independent contractors with their own businesses and must not incorporate Airbnb's name, logos and other IP in all marketing tools such as domain names, business names, trademarks, bidding on keywords, social media handles or other source identifiers. More details can be found in the Superhost Ambassador Program Terms and Conditions.
  3. You should not provide legal, tax or other specialized advice requiring a licence or expertise in the field, such as tax, property, leasing, valuation or permitting, in your activities as a Superhost Ambassador.
  4. Don’t spam your referrals and new Host connections. Respect their privacy and only communicate with people who have agreed to be contacted by you.
  5. In emails, social media and other materials, you should include a disclosure such as “As an Airbnb Superhost Ambassador, I earn when you become a Host.”
  6. Superhost Ambassadors don’t have permission to create marketing collateral, including website use and social posts, that could give the impression that they are from Airbnb or associated with Airbnb in a way that may be misleading to new Hosts or other third parties.

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