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Get help with your listing from a Superhost

You’ve got some great ideas for your first listing. But could you use some help? Ask a Superhost for guidance creating a listing, which can help you land your first booking.

Once you connect, the Superhost can:

  • View your public Host profile
  • Send you messages through Airbnb
  • Get updates on the status of your listing, like when you upload photos or publish it
  • Be notified when you receive your first booking

Giving listing access

You can decide to give the Superhost edit access to your listing so they can make changes or fix problems. For example, they often adjust a listing’s location on the map so it shows up in the right place.

You’ll approve any changes before they’re shown to guests, and you can remove edit access at any time. And once your listing is published, the Superhost will no longer have edit access.

Wrapping up after your first booking

Once you receive your first booking, you’ll automatically disconnect from the Superhost—this means we’ll no longer show them information about your progress, but you’ll still be able to message each other.

To disconnect before your first booking, contact Community Support.

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