What do I do after I receive a reservation request from a guest?

You have 24 hours to officially respond to a reservation request before it expires by clicking the Accept or Decline button. Clicking the Discuss button to continue messaging on the site does not officially respond to the request.

You receive an email notification and an alert on your Dashboard for every reservation request sent. Your Dashboard will show you the time you have remaining. To get instant alerts straight to your mobile phone, sign up for text message notifications or download our mobile apps.

It's up to you what reservation requests you accept or decline. If you decline many or most of the requests you get, however, your listing's placement in search results may be negatively impacted.

A breakdown of some common scenarios:

1. The dates are available, and you feel comfortable with the traveller. Woo-hoo! Go ahead and accept the booking. Your calendar is updated and your payout is scheduled for 24 hours after check-in.

2. The dates are available, but you want to know more about the traveller. Not a problem. Click the Discuss button to send a message to the guest. Make sure to officially accept or decline the request within 24 hours so it doesn’t expire.

3. The dates are not available. Kindly decline the request so the guest knows to keep on looking. You can state the reason for declining (which will remain private) and include a follow-up message to wish the traveler luck. Then please update your calendar.

4. The details of the reservation request don’t look correct. View the price breakdown of a reservation request by clicking "How calculated" next to the subtotal. If you find something is off, decline the request, making sure to keep your calendar dates available. Then work out the details and have your guest send a new request, or you can make a Special Offer or pre-approval.

5. The request expired. Your guest can still book with you if he or she submits a new request, or you can make a Special Offer or pre-approval. The request cannot be reactivated.


Example reservation request:

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