New Study: Airbnb Community Contributes C$54.6 million to Montreal Economy

Airbnb Guests Spend More Time and Money in Montreal

MONTREAL - November 13, 2014 – Airbnb, the world’s leading marketplace for booking, discovering, and listing unique spaces around the world, today released a new study that highlights the positive impacts the Airbnb community has in Montreal. The study found that the Airbnb community contributed C$54.6-million in total economic activity in one year in Montreal, and examined the environmental and social benefits that come from travelling with Airbnb.


The study is the first to examine Airbnb’s positive economic, social, and environmental contributions to Canadian communities, and comes after similar studies in Paris, London and Airbnb’s hometown of San Francisco.


The study found that travelers who use Airbnb enjoy longer stays and spend more money in Montreal. Guests who travel with Airbnb are also more likely to stay in areas outside of typical tourist zones, frequenting local businesses and contributing to neighbourhood economies. These interactions not only offer economic benefits, but also build community and foster cultural exchange. Additionally, the study found that this type of travel results in significant reduction of energy, water use, and waste generation, and encourages sustainability among both residents and visitors.


“Montreal residents have established a vibrant Airbnb community, sharing unique experiences with travelers from around the world and forging strong local community connections in Montreal,” said Airbnb Canada Country Manager Aaron Zifkin. “Airbnb is having a clear, positive impact on the Montreal market, as well as the city’s tourism industry, neighbourhood businesses and local households. This study further reinforces what we have learned from our findings in other cities: that Airbnb offers tangible global benefits and gives travelers the chance to belong anywhere,” adds Zifkin.


Some of the highlights of the study include:


  • Between April 2013 and March 2014, guests and hosts utilizing Airbnb have contributed C$54.6 million in total economic activity to the Montreal economy.


  • The majority of Airbnb hosts rent the homes they live in to visitors on an occasional basis, and nearly half the income they generate is spent on living expenses (rent/mortgage, utilities, and other bills) and to help them make ends meet.


  • Airbnb guests in Montreal stay an average of 5 nights and spend $909 over the course of their trip, compared to typical visitors who stay an average of 2.7 nights and spend $760.


  • 36% of Airbnb guests said they would not have come to Montreal, or stayed as long, without Airbnb.


  • Airbnb guests also enjoy travelling throughout the region: 62% of guests said that staying with Airbnb made them more likely to visit areas outside of Montreal, and 63% of guests also visited the second most popular Airbnb guest destination in the province, Quebec City, on the same trip.


  • Guests are looking for authentic experiences: 89% say they want to “live like a local,” and 85% use Airbnb to explore specific neighborhoods because of their preferences for "off-the-beaten-path" experiences.


  • Guests are looking for a cultural exchange: 60% of Airbnb guests visiting Montreal come from outside of Canada, and 95% of guests visit from outside of Quebec Province.  80% of Airbnb guests do not speak French as their primary language.


  • Airbnb is complementary to the existing tourism industry in Montreal. 85% of Airbnb properties in Montreal are located outside the central hotel corridor.


  • Airbnb’s business model is designed to help promote efficient use of existing resources, as well as environmentally friendly ways of travelling. By staying in Airbnb properties instead of traditional accommodation options, it was estimated over the one year period that savings were the equivalent in energy use of 620 homes and water reduction was equivalent of nine Olympic-sized swimming pools.


The study released today examined data on Airbnb rental activity in Montreal for the 12 months from April 2013 to March 2014.


About Airbnb:

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