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    Compliments to the host

    A new feature helps guests share what they loved most about your space.
    By Airbnb on Oct. 12, 2018
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    Updated Mar. 5, 2020

    There’s nothing like getting a “job well done!” when you’ve worked hard. And so many of you do go the extra mile to create magical stays for your guests. Our team that works on reviews knows how much positive feedback matters. So during one team brainstorm, they came up with this idea: What if we gave guests a way to quickly and easily specify what was so great about their stay with a host? We could identify the most common themes that guests love about their top-rated trips and list them out as “compliments” for guests to choose from.

    Fast forward to today, and their idea is coming to life. Here are the top seven compliments that emerged:

    1. Outstanding hospitality
    2. Local tips
    3. Stylish space
    4. Thoughtful touches
    5. Quick responses
    6. Amazing amenities
    7. Sparkling clean

    Now when a guest gives their trip an overall rating of 4–5 stars, they’re automatically prompted to give a little more detail about what made it memorable. Guests can choose as many of the seven compliments as they like, and (as always) they can elaborate on their experience in their own words in public or private feedback.

    So the next time you wow your guests, they’ll be prompted to answer the question: “Was anything extra special?” Then they can select what they loved most about their stay by choosing from the seven compliments.

    And we’ve added a special Compliments section to your review summary when you’re viewing it from the Airbnb app on your mobile phone—so you’re sure to see what they appreciated about your space and your hosting style. The team is adding the final touches to this feature on the web, so soon you’ll see the Compliments section when you’re on your computer as well.

    There’s more soon to come. We’re working on ways to make these compliments show up in guest searches so that they can see what makes your hospitality shine. It’s another way to help set guest expectations and reach your hosting goals. Whether you already have a few compliments, or you’re looking forward to that first one, we’re cheering you on.

    Information contained in this article may have changed since publication.

    Oct. 12, 2018
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