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    How to add your location

    Providing an accurate address is essential for attracting guests.
    By Airbnb on May 5, 2021
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    Updated Nov. 16, 2022

    Your place’s location can play a big role in whether guests decide to stay there. Before making a reservation, they may check how close it is to the spots they plan to visit during their trip.

    As a Host, you get to choose whether you’d like to provide a general or specific location for the map shown in search results. Either way, guests don’t receive your street address until their reservation is confirmed.

    How to add your location

    1. Enter your street address. Start typing, and when the correct address pops up, select it.

    2. Confirm your address. Make any adjustments needed for accuracy, like adding an apartment or suite number.

    3. Make sure the pin is in the right spot. If the pin isn’t placed correctly, drag the map until the pin points to the right location.

    4. Choose a map. Your listing will include a map of the general location of your place unless you use the toggle switch to show your specific location.

    • General location: The map of your listing shows the area around it, within a radius of less than 1 km around the street address.
    • Specific location: The map of your listing shows a pin on the nearest cross-street, but it doesn’t mark the exact spot.
    Here’s how a general location (left) and a specific one (right) are mapped in Airbnb search results.
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    May 5, 2021
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