New options for Co-Host payouts and messaging

Share your cleaning fee and exchange messages with Co-Hosts directly on Airbnb.
By Airbnb on Nov. 8, 2023
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Updated Nov. 8, 2023

You’ve asked for ways to share your cleaning fee payout with your cleaner or Co-Host. You’ve also asked for the ability to message Co-Hosts right from your inbox on Airbnb. Starting today, you can do both.

Co-Host payouts

Share your cleaning fee
If you have a cleaning fee, you can now share it with your cleaner or another Co-Host. To do this, add your cleaner or another recipient as a Co-Host first.

Choose a payout option
You can now choose one of four payout options:

  • Share the cleaning fee
  • Share the cleaning fee plus a percentage of the booking amount
  • Share a percentage of each payout
  • Share a fixed amount of each payout

Note that if you add multiple cleaners as Co-Hosts, only one can receive your cleaning fee. There are some limitations to sharing payouts with Co-Hosts, depending on your location, your Co-Host’s location, and where your place is located.

Messaging your Co-Hosts

You can now message your Co-Host directly from your Airbnb inbox. You’ll be able to manage your listing and coordinate upcoming reservations from the same place you message guests.

These Co-Host tools are part of the Airbnb 2023 Winter Release. Start using new features today when you opt in to Early Access.

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Nov. 8, 2023
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