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    Using quick replies to save time

    Answer common guest questions with templates you can personalize.
    By Airbnb on Dec. 12, 2018
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    Updated Dec. 13, 2021


    • Quick replies let you save and reuse your clear, well-crafted answers to common guest questions

    • You can automatically add personalized guest, reservation, and listing details

    • Check out our examples and try quick replies

    If you’re feeling a dose of déjà vu whenever you open a message from a guest, you’re not alone. Hosts get asked again and again about certain topics, such as wifi passwords, directions, best places to eat, and more. 

    Airbnb’s quick replies feature lets you set up templates and reuse your answers to frequently asked questions. This can make inbox management more efficient and help you provide an excellent guest experience.

    “Templates save me a lot of time,” says Host Sally of Snoqualmie, Washington. “I was able to answer 4 guest inquiries in less than 10 minutes! They also prevent me from forgetting some key bit of information, and allow me to create a well-crafted response—one that has been proofread, is crystal clear, and, if appropriate, is especially sensitive to our guests’ needs.”

    How to create a quick reply

    You can create quick replies from your hosting inbox. You can choose from a list of templates—about directions, your house rules, the wifi, and more—or write and save your own original messages to use as often as you like.

    You also have the option to personalize your replies using shortcodes, which you can learn more about in the next section.

    Learn more about quick replies

    How to use shortcodes

    Shortcodes are placeholders that automatically fill in guest, reservation, and listing details when a message is sent to a guest. Here are a few examples of the many shortcodes:

    • Guest’s first name
    • Guest’s last name
    • Check-in date
    • Check-in time 
    • Wifi name
    • Wifi password
    • Directions
    • Check-in instructions
    • House rules
    • House manual
    • Guidebook

    When creating a quick reply, select the shortcodes you’d like to use from the drop-down menu. Make sure your listing details are complete and up to date, because messages with empty shortcodes won’t be sent.

    Sample messages

    You may already be using scheduled messages to stay in touch with guests at key moments, like after their booking is confirmed or before check-in.

    Quick replies can help you fill in the gaps between these scheduled messages, saving you time when a guest misses the wifi password in their Trips tab or the instructions to use your dishwasher in your house manual.

    Remember to use the drop-down menu to add shortcodes (shown below in bold type) as you write instead of typing them into your message.

    1. How to log onto the wifi
    Guests often ask about the wifi, so it’s helpful to keep a quick reply ready to go. 

            Hello guest first name,
            Happy to help with that info! The wifi network is called wifi name,
            and the password is wifi password. Please let us know if you have
            any more questions.

    2. How to use an appliance

    Whether it’s turning on the hot tub or using the espresso machine, you can include appliance instructions in quick replies.

            Hello, guest first name!
            Thank you for asking. The on switch is on the control
            panel on the front of the hot tub. There you’ll find a green
            power switch, jet control, and a heater thermostat.
            The heater will shut off when the water reaches
            the temperature on the thermostat. Photos with step-by-step
            instructions for turning on the hot tub are included in the
            house manual. Enjoy your soak, and please don’t hesitate to
            ask if you have any more questions!

    3. Where to find extra blankets, pillows, and sheets 

    Another common question you may receive is about the availability or location of extra linens. 

            Hi guest first name!
            You can find extra blankets, pillows, and sheets in the
            hall closet across from the bedroom. More information
            on the linens, such as their materials, can be found in our
            house manual. Please let us know if you have any more questions.
            Sleep well!

    4. Where to find late-night food

    A quick reply makes it easy to respond with a personal touch, while directing guests to your guidebook for more info.

            Hello guest first name,
            Our favorite late-night restaurant is [insert restaurant name],
            located at [insert address]. Their steak sandwich is fantastic,
            and they have vegetarian options too. [Insert restaurant name]
            is usually open from 12:00 PM PT to 11:00 PM PT, but please check
            their website at [insert URL] or call them at [insert phone number] to
            confirm their hours. You can also find more restaurants in our
            guidebook. Please let us know if you have any questions!

    5. So sorry we can’t accommodate you

    As much as you may want to accommodate everyone, sometimes you can’t. Your responses can still be worded delicately, respectfully, and clearly.

    • Hi guest name,
      I’m so sorry, I can’t accept pets. My dog is sweet to humans but doesn’t get along with other animals. I can recommend a place nearby for boarding your dog, if you’d like.
    • Hi guest name,
      We’re so sorry we had to cancel your reservation. We hope you’ll have an opportunity to visit us another time.


    • Quick replies let you save and reuse your clear, well-crafted answers to common guest questions

    • You can automatically add personalized guest, reservation, and listing details

    • Check out our examples and try quick replies

    Dec. 12, 2018
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