This is the closest of the many craft breweries near here. There are many more within walking distance that I have not included. I'm not a beer person, personally, but people do seem to really like them, and often go on walking tours of the areas' breweries and taprooms.
This nice little cafe is half a block from the house if you would like a cappuccino or espresso.
This restaurant has good sushi and charming private screened tables. It is traditional to remove your shoes before entering the screened tables. It is very very close if you are hungry.
This is my favourite sushi place. The service is fast and friendly and the food is good. Also very very close by if you are hungry. Vancouver has wonderful sushi almost everywhere.
This restaurant serves yummy Vietnamese soups and entrees. It is inexpensive, has good service and is comfortable. Kid friendly. Also one of my favourite places nearby.
This is a very popular little breakfast and brunch place if you want something more substantial than the light breakfast we provide. It gets busy, so you may need to wait in line. There are several other breakfast places in the area I can point you to if you don't want to wait.
This street has lots of lovely interesting shops along with useful stores for essentials - groceries, pharmacies, restaurants, health food stores. No big chain stores. Quirky and multi-cultural. There are also several beer breweries in the area and the area is known for good beer, Italian food and restaurants.
This laundry will wash, dry and fold your laundry for you for a reasonable charge, or you can wash it yourself in their machines. They also to mending and tailoring.
The Seven Eleven is a convenience store for small grocery items, toiletries you might have forgotten. It's also a good place to buy a day pass for the transit system ($9.75 CAD for unlimited travel for one day) or a compass pass (a reloadable card you can use for multiple days). I provide some compass cards you can borrow and load with fares to use. More information on the info sheet on the fridge.
The 14, 16 and N35 buses stop here, headed downtown. This is the closest bus stop to the guest house.
The 14, 16 and N35 buses stop here, travelling east from downtown. This is the bus stop you would arrive on if you were travelling to the guest house.
This bus stop is a little further away (3 blocks) but provides access to the 4, 7 and 209 buses on a more pleasant and scenic route. Also the 4 and 7 go to the west side of Vancouver and out to UBC after travelling through downtown.
This bus stop is for returning home from downtown, UBC or the west side of Vancouver on the 4, 7 or 209 buses.