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Sunny-Safe-Secure. Walk to Oval. City. Pandas

Entire apartment hosted by Keith
4 guests2 bedrooms2 beds1 bath
Entire home
You’ll have the apartment to yourself.
Enhanced Clean
This host committed to Airbnb's 5-step enhanced cleaning process.
Self check-in
Check yourself in with the lockbox.
Cancellation policy
Add your trip dates to get the cancellation details for this stay.
House rules
The host doesn’t allow pets, parties, or smoking.
This is a nice & safe & clean apartment, in a nice & safe street, in a nice & safe suburb, in a nice & safe city, in a nice & safe state, in a nice & safe country.

Ever found a place to stay and been provided with less info than you wanted?

This is different, below is a LONG, highly detailed [and hopefully entertaining] summary of things to know about the apartment, Adelaide, Australia and other random things.

Put the kettle on and let me explain...

The space
Just across the river from the City.
Natural light, timber floors and easy access to Adelaide many sporting and cultural events.

Stylish first floor apartment overlooking restaurant / cafe strip of Melbourne Street.
Close to restaurants, parks and city.
I have found it is better to be adjacent to the city, than right in it.
Melbourne St has a lovely feel, it's a bit greener than many inner city streets [I have a great tree towering over one of the balconies] and nicer to be just out of the city.

This is a corner apartment facing North East and natural light streams in like honey from all angles, which is the reason I bought it: Location & Light.

In a hand written note, an Italian guest upon check out, described it as:

"Bellissimas, Luminosa, Comoda ed Elegante"
[Beautiful, Bright, Comfortable and Elegant]
That sounds soooo delightful in Italian.

Don't have enough Vitamin D from sunlight in your life?
A couple of days here should improve that situation.

To keep the light moving there are almost as many mirrors inside, as was in Bruce Lee's "Enter the Dragon."
There are the built in mirrored robes in the bedrooms.
A full length hallway mirror and the space to be able to stand back and get a proper perspective of just how fabulous you look, before you step out onto the street and soothe the traffic with your presence.
Plus a long horizontal mirror in the kitchen, reflecting the tree from outside.
From any point inside you should be able to catch a reflection of yourself within seconds... if that's your scene.

I have a minimalist / uncluttered thing going on, which is good as there is plenty to get outside to do and see.
The interior of white walls and bamboo floors is smooth and subtle.
Not that you probably care, but it used to be an awful green so every wall and ceiling received four thick coats of bright white paint to maintain the glow.
I really wanted to paint one wall a deep dark yellow but everyone talked me out of it. They all suggested earthy tones but I didn't want the walls to look like dirt.
I still think I should have gone for the yellow.

It has two sufficiently sized bedrooms with built in robes and ceiling fans.
The main bedroom, gives some space and the bed is new and comfortable.
In keeping with the "vibe" of the place the bed in the second room is quite low to the floor [the photos give a good indication]
An extra air bed is available for children and also a port-a-cot.
Bamboo floors are throughout except the tiled bathroom, with no carpets to inflame allergies.
Bathroom combines toilet / bath / shower / laundry.
If all of the above sounds a bit cramped... it isn't.
It is well proportioned and quite spacious... for an inner city apartment.

There are two balconies and three large double windows / doors facing North for the winter sun.

And none of that lethal fire-prone aluminium cladding is anywhere here.

To chill out, find yourself something to eat and a bottle of wine [see below for Melbourne St Wine cellars a few doors down] turn off the lights, open up the curtains, get comfortable on the lounge, check out the world going by on the street below and watch planes flying past in the distance.

Guest access
I respect that my guests have many quality places to choose in this great area so have made an effort to provide quality accommodation, fittings and consumables.
Therefore anything inside is available to be [respectfully] used.
I have left good quality items such as those sharp and funky Japanese Global knives, a new Miele dishwasher, new air-conditioning system, GHD hair dryer and straightener, comfortable mattresses, recently purchased sheets, doonas / duvets, towels, shampoos that smell like milk & honey [that fishes & loaves shampoo was never a big seller], soft and wavy textured toilet paper, international power adapter, portable child cot and so forth.

The kitchen is set up for cooking plus some basic condiments and tea, coffee, sugar etc.
I am a tea drinker and put honey in my tea. I have left some cinnamon honey from the Barossa for you and it is A M A Z I N G !
It will change your life. I have to drive 70km each way to go to someone's house in some random country town to buy it.
To source it, I spend more on petrol than honey, but it's totally worth it.

I've left a selection books and magazines for anyone to read [on various topics that interest me] during their stay.
Let me know if any of the many business books therein inspired you to become a multi-millionaire so I can re-read it and work out what I missed.
And no ripping pages out of Bob Dylan's: "All The Songs."
That would be no way to treat the collected works of a Nobel laureate!!
His "Boots of Spanish Leather" is playing as I type this.
Don't know it??
Check it out - it's a masterclass of lyricism and melodic transoceanic heartbreak.
While yearning for his love who is sailing away and might not be coming back, he laments:
"The same thing that I would want today, I would want again tomorrow"
Wow! He summarised just about everything about love in a single line.
For something different string the LIVE versions of these songs together:
Tomorrow is a Long Time, Boots of Spanish Leather, Girl from the North Country Fair and My Back Pages. He has more famous songs of course but this will give an articulate twenty minutes of well invested time.

Plenty of good suggestions in the book cupboard on how to get your abdominals into a fully ripped and shredded six pack.
If it is easier to just buy a six pack, then the Melbourne Street Cellars next door can help you out. More on them later.

TV is free to air.
Don't slam me in the reviews :) for not having cable or satellite or netflix.
If you are coming here for holidays surely you have better things to do than watch TV?
But at least the remote control is simple enough to be understood without having to call your 14 year old nephew to work it out.

If you have a question during your stay, call me.
Better to solve any issue that might arise rather than find out about it after check out.

Other things to note
***** NO CLEANING FEE *****
I'm basing this on my general faith in humanity and good karma.
If everyone keeps the apartment tidy, I won't need to spend 5 hours cleaning it.
[I've seen some places charging $100+ for cleaning!]
The bedding and towels would get properly washed anyway even if the Queen stayed the day before you did.

If you think that would be pretty normal for any place on AirBNB, I'm not so sure. They have 4 million listings across the planet and if EVERY single night, EVERY single one of those 4 million, WITHOUT exception has new fresh sheets, I would be very surprised.

But you can be assured here, there are freshly laundered sheets for every new guest.

And the floor gets a vacuum each time and the mop comes out on high rotation.

That advice your mother gave, of taking your shoes off before lying on a white bedspread was good advice and should be heeded.
If after checkout, I find the sheets smeared in fake tan, massage oil, skanky perfume, desperation and blonde hair, I will probably think of three possible scenarios:
[1] That was your - fake tan, massage oil, skanky perfume, desperation & blonde hair...
[2] You invited over a friend with - fake tan, massage oil, skanky perfume, desperation & blonde hair...
[3] Donald Trump - must have stayed...
Whichever way it is, I'm probably going to have to throw those sheets out and if someone has stayed less than two nights, I will probably run that visit at a loss.
So perhaps go easy on the tans, oils, desperation and perfumes where you can.

Same thoughts with glitter.
Unless you are nine years old and heading off to ballet practice you mightn't need it.
That stuff gets into everything and is a bad micro plastic. It is sooo 2009.

I recently put in a new iron. If you think that is super boring, you're right.
But think of those times when you went to someone's place and their iron was a piece of junk, left marks on your clothes and after 10 minutes of effort your clothes still needed to be ironed.
This new one is so fantastic, some guests will want stay at home on a Friday night to iron clothes rather than go out to the many restaurants on the street.
Just ahhhh, puttin' it out there.

Please take care of the bamboo floors, they scratch easier than I was expecting when I had them laid, if you could avoid stilettos or dragging things [particularly bodies] across them, that would go a long way to keeping them nice for years to come.
The entire place has been renovated [apart from the bathroom - while not new is still fine].

Speaking of taking care of things, if you are the nurturing type and staying for more than two nights would you be able to water my plant?... when you can.
It's a good plant, quite green and I have delegated all the apartment's photosynthesis to it and it has really stepped up to the plate.
It's not so special a plant that David Attenborough would fly across the world to talk about it, but has been with me for quite a few years and doesn't give me any trouble.

Parking for a single car is undercover behind a roller door in a designated car bay.
The garage door is very high [2.6 metres / 8.5 feet] and very wide so getting a 4WD in with belongings stacked on the roof won't be an issue.
If this is not high enough for your vehicle, just do a quick check of the registration papers to ensure it doesn't say the word "Truck".
If you have a second car there is parking for it over the back fence [a general 3 hr time limit] in the free public car park.
If the second car needs to park for a full day let me know, I have a solution to that problem.

***** WIFI *****
Smooth flowing wifi is in place, I will leave you the codes.
Unless you are a Russian hacker, then you probably have them anyway.
Just don't search for anything that causes the local SWAT team to kick down my door looking for you!
I don't want to do 15 years in the big house, wearing orange overalls, being spooned by some hairy dude with tattoos all over his skull, because some malicious guest used my wifi to buy ammonium nitrate and detonators and then parked their rental truck outside some government building... that would be very uncool.

Still with me?
I know, I know... but keep going. Nothing below is really essential but some of it is good to know. Mainly three dimensional observations massaged into two dimensional text and squeezed into one dimensional jokes.

***** THE LOCATION *****
Melbourne Street and North Adelaide generally are very civilised and safe areas.
**Update September 2020 - all the below text was written prior to the pandemic and a few things have taken a beating due to it but the fundamentals remain in place and life is really rather normal here **

Within 200 metres [656.17 feet] there are the following places to eat or meet
[see restaurant map]:
7 x Cafe.
4 x Pub / Hotel [Lion | Lord Melbourne | British | Kentish Arms].
2 x Pizza.
2 x Japanese.
2 x Dessert Bar.
1 x Thai.
1 x Chinese.
1 x Vietnamese.
1 x Himalayan.
1 x Mediterranean.
1 x Persian.
1 x Gelati bar [making stunning Italian Hot Chocolates].
1 x Wine bar.
1 x Amazing wine merchant.

That might sound like it is a really noisy area but it is pretty sedate considering what is around.

The apartment is directly above Lotus Chinese Restaurant. In the 7 years I have been living here I have never once heard from it nor smelt any cooking smells.
Go see Wendy downstairs for the Schezuan chicken and fried rice takeaway - at $10 it's a bargain.
Sometimes I have a medium special fried rice, no prawns, with satay sauce.
Sure, it's unusual... but I really like it.

A 40 second walk, on my side of the road, is the Bononia gelati bar.
See Ugo for one of his "Italian Hot Chocolate's."
Don't leave town without one.

Ready to step beyond the standard Pad Thai?
Then two dishes, Chicken Laab or Choo Chee Curry both with a bit of zing from Tiger Lily Thai cafe, spring to mind.

Both the Mexican restaurants do very tasty casual meals, though it's hard to mess things up when your primary ingredients are beef, lettuce, tomato, cheese and taco shells.
I've gone south of the border there muchos times.

Both the Japanese restaurants are great and are very authentic, though I have never been to Japan so I'm not really in a position to say.
But they feel authentic [based on watching re-runs of Kurosawa's old Samurai movies as a teenager and a handful of Karate lessons in my 20's] ... if that is of any help.

The UR cafe always seems to be jumping.
Maybe it's the cool vibe from the groovy little building and buzzing kitchen.
If you are a bricklayer or builder by trade, don't go in there!
The brickworks' casual relationship to vertical and horizontal levels will mess with your professional standards so bad you won't enjoy the great meals.
Everyone else will love it.
The coffees are good, so I hear, and I'm a fan of the Spicy Corn Fritters served with bacon & avocado salsa. Ole!

The Himalayan restaurant is a great way to enjoy Nepalese food.
Marketing a Nepalese restaurant a mere 50 metres above sea level must be a tough gig.
I would have found a building with a first floor and put it up there just to give it a bit of elevation.

The Lion Hotel wins best Hotel in Australia [or something similar] all the time.
The chef makes great curries and the Lion Burger is for the hungry.
Catching up with the football and cricket is easy as they have more TV screens in there than an electronics shop.
It is a great place to meet up with your friends so you can each spend the majority your time looking at your phone.
They also have a great selection of newspapers if you want to go analog.
But it is a real quality place.
Its not far, walk there. Don't park in their car park, it will cost you a fortune.

To save me listing out every meal I have ever had, all are fine, it's just a matter of what flavours appeal to you at the time.

Though I will immediately contradict that last statement and single out Shaki across the road at Bliss Pizza.
This is one of Adelaide's original wood fired pizzas ovens which Shaki built himself.
He names all the pizzas after women in his life, including ex girlfriends [ ! ] apart from the one he named after himself.
I've got to hand it to the guy... who else out there knows 27 women well enough to name a pizza after them!
Anyway... I usually go for the Petra, Bianca, Margarita or the Shaki.
Tell him Keith sent you. He calls me Dr Keith.
I'm not a doctor, not remotely close but I just can't seem to get him to change.

When I order, I tell him I want a pizza made with love.
Not in a creepy way... if that's where your mind is going.
But in a way where someone has a passion for their craft and perfection is their only goal.
The pizzas are made with care [sometimes love], cooked properly, taste great and you will get to meet his entire family in the shop.
He loves a good chat. Come prepared with a story of where you are from.
**Update May 2019**
Shaki closed his shop.
Nnnnooooooooo! I was really saddened to see this... sigh!.
I hope his wood oven was taken out in one piece and Shaki gets to create his pizzas for someone, somewhere.
You can still catch him next door, however, of an evening in the softly lit Elephant Walk [established 1979] dessert bar.
The lounge chairs in each booth are soft and snug and separated from any adjacent booth via tropical looking rattan dividers and randomly placed sarongs.
Would be a good place for a clandestine rendezvous if you:
[a] were a celebrity or
[b] were a spy or
[c] were, for instance, planning to pull down the Berlin Wall or
[d] just like chocolate things
I recommend you go there with good friends or your favourite partner.
Maybe not with your mother, as it might be just a bit too cozy.
Because that's what it felt like when I took mine there.
**Update June 2019**
Breaking News... Whoa! Seems the Berlin Wall has already come down. Who knew!

In the same row of buildings as Bliss Pizza is a laundromat, dessert bar and a protein cafe.
Next to them is St Cyprian's offering redemption or salvation in a wonderful little stone church, that tolls it's bells of a Sunday at the sleep-in friendly but oddly specific time of 9.23am. Though I have been noticing lately it sometimes occurs at 9.19am.
I guess it falls to me, AGAIN, to complete my civic duty and send a diplomatic cable to the Archbishop of Canterbury about this unseemingly unauthorised amendment of tolling timing protocol!

If the sole purpose of coming to town of a Sunday was to have a pizza, a late night dessert, a protein ball, a wash of your clothes and a cleanse of your soul, then you will find this a remarkably convenient grouping.
If that was not your purpose, then it will appear as a random set of buildings.

Melbourne Street has 7 hairdressers, a nail bar, numerous massage / spa / beauty places.
No matter what you have that needs attention, it can be: cut, trimmed, styled, coloured, shaped, bobbed, undercut, hypoxied, waxed, botoxed, shellacked, SNS'd [whatever that is], foiled, massaged, tinted, blasted with hot air or rubbed down with warm aromatic oil... nearby.
The above just describes the Melbourne Street part of North Adelaide.
There is a whole other part of North Adelaide:
O’Connell Street which is really nice too and has it’s own array of great restaurants, cafes and a 24 hour bakery for an early morning feeding frenzy.
I'm totally on board with their banana bread.
It is thick, heavy and banana-ry. $9 will secure title to half a loaf that you may remove from the premises and reward you with three meals.
The only way to go hungry in North Adelaide is to lose all your observational skills or cash.

North Adelaide is the closest suburb to Adelaide CBD itself and is across the river, separated by parkland and the Torrens River.
It takes me 20 minutes to walk from my place to the city, though I walk reasonably fast.
The bus stop within 20 metres of my front door goes into the city either:
[a] past the Zoo / Uni and then into the city
[b] past Adelaide Oval and then into the city.
All roads lead to Rome... ahhhh Adelaide.

There is a free bus 98C [clockwise] and 98A [anti clockwise] that stops just near the Lion Hotel and runs you into the city. It's really useful.

I guess the most likely chance for noise around here is when buses move away from the bus stop.
Early-ish on Friday mornings the local rubbish truck stalks the rubbish bins and makes some noise, but hey all that junk we produce doesn’t clear itself so it’s a necessary price to pay.
A guy cramped into a street sweeping machine and his mate slinkin' behind with a leaf blower from the local council clean the street early another day of the week.
I'm never sure which one.
Sure, it's not an impeachable offence but it would be excellent if they could coordinate it to be the same morning as the rubbish truck but that concept seems to be beyond them.

Usually once or twice a week some dude in a Ferrari winds out second gear longer than he probably should as he goes scorching past.

We have the Women's and Children's Hospital nearby, every now and again of a rainy evening an ambulance might rush past with their red and blue lights turning the night purple. [Shout out to the memory of Prince].

If you are coming to the city from a wheat farm where there are no neighbours, dogs, roosters, cows, howler monkeys, birds or planes within 30 km [20 mi], just the gentle caress of a soft zephyr breeze through the fields... then an inner city apartment might take some getting used to, but for everyone else it should just be normal 21st century road and background noise.
No different from anything else in North Adelaide.
Or any other city in the world.
And I usually sleep with the window open anyway, but that’s just me.

There is a brilliant wine cellar next door with a VERY sophisticated selection by wine professionals who really know their stuff.
If you enjoy being seen talking about:
"single vineyards",
"youthful bouquets",
"oak tannins",
"brooding dark fruit aromas" and
"mocha undertones with chocolatey notes and a firm lingering finish..."
then this is the place for you.
Or if you just want a free, no questions asked wine tasting swing by of a Thursday night or Saturday afternoon and get involved.

***** NEW TO AIRBNB? *****
Everyone needs to start somewhere. I get it, been there.

The first thing I do when I get a booking is check out the dates, then check the profile of the person who will be in my place.

I’ve welcomed many guests, some AirBNB veterans with shining reviews and also many who joined AirBNB moments prior to booking, no photo, no background on themselves, no hint of why in Adelaide.
With 250+ groups through, I've only blocked two people from coming back it has been pretty good experience so far but I am keen to be reassured I am accepting everyday normal people needing a nice place to stay as they quietly go about their legitimate and regular daily activities.
What I am trying to avoid is having someone in, who, will not respect the property or my neighbours.

I’m REALLY uninterested in hearing from my neighbours [or the cops!] that my guests are singing, in full voice, along to "Am I ever going to see your face again" as it cranks from the stereo... [if you are from Australia, you will understand and if you are not from Australia you can insert your local pub anthem here]... and were last seen swinging from the balcony with a bottle of Jack Daniels in one hand and firing an AK47 into the air from the other!...

You know what I mean... throw me a bone! Fill out a profile, load up a picture and let me know what you plan to do here [in a broad sense].
I might be able to provide some useful local information for you too.

Absolutely NO smoking under any circumstances inside or on balcony.
The only smoking I will accept is if you were actually on fire yourself and you produce a signed Doctor's certificate, a letter from the Fire Chief on 300gsm paper and a selfie with the fire station's Dalmatian.

And preferably not even smoking while walking back into the house.
No one wants get onto a mattress even with clean sheets, that had a smoker sleeping on it the previous night... and you should probably give them up anyway :) as those things will probably end up taking you down.

***** THINGS TO DO *****
When I first mentioned to my friends 13 years ago I was moving half way across the continent from Perth to Adelaide they all said:
" ADELAIDE !! are you INSANE? "
But it's really good or as they say here "Heaps good."

It's nice and green with a parkland that rings the entire city providing a demarcation between the CBD / Inner city [of which North Adelaide is a part] and the suburbs.

Adelaide has great restaurants, cafe's and bars all over city and surrounding inner suburbs, just like Melbourne and Sydney but without the impossible parking.
In summer Adelaide is crankin'.
December: Test [cricket].
January: Tour Down Under [cycling].
February: Festival [arts].
February: Fringe [arts / comedy].
The Fringe is apparently the second biggest Fringe event in the world.
If I was surreptitiously handed under the table a brown paper bag, with $10,000 cash in unmarked, used, non-sequential $100 notes every time I heard "second biggest Fringe event in the world" it would be me in that Ferrari.
March: Adelaide 500 [car racing]
March: Festival & Fringe [continues].
March: WOMAD [music].
March is known as Mad March as everything is happening.
And lots of mini festivals in between those bigger events.
It's a really fun and busy time of year.

The Adelaide Hills have many great tracks and trails for running and cycling or visiting the nice towns up there.
The base of the hills, non peak hour, are fifteen minutes away.
Or seven minutes if that dude in the Ferrari is driving.

Is a 2km [~1mile] walk or bus ride away.
Tennis Centre is used for: Tennis!
The Oval used for: Cricket, Football and Concerts.
Tests + One Day Internationals + Twenty 20 Big Bash League.

Australian Rules Football [AFL] hosting the local Adelaide based teams:
Adelaide [Crows] & Port Adelaide [Power] who incidentally can't stand each other.
If you are in from overseas during our winter and get the chance, go see one of the games.

In recent years it has hosted Adele, Ed Sheeran, Rolling Stones, AC/DC and U2 plus David Bowie 1978 and Led Zeppelin 1974.
And in 1927 in what would have been thrilling at the time [I guess] was a visit by the Duke and Duchess of York [who I only recently realised] later became King George VI. The father of Queen Elizabeth II.
My mother would be so disappointed I hadn't pieced that Duke to King to Queen transition.
On a slight tangent... The Beatles came to Adelaide in 1964 to the Town Hall and drew a crowd of 300,000 just to see them stand on the balcony, no music, no singing, just waving. Hmmm, that makes Adele's 70,000 seem a bit lame.

We get a reasonable number of international acts come through to Adelaide but not as many as Melbourne or Sydney. That means there are many nights when there are no major gigs on.
What is interesting when two events are scheduled at different venues on the same night in close-ish proximity to each other.
Exhibit A:
1974. Creedence Clearwater Revival vs Led Zeppelin [who would've most certainly put a bustle in the Oval's hedgerow].
Exhibit B:
2012. Ennio Morricone's outdoor classical music performance within earshot of a V8 Supercars race.
The aural equivalent of your glass of champagne topped up with racing fuel.
Exhibit C:
2019. U2 vs KISS.
If these were two of your favourite bands and you wanted to see both of them... you can't.
Well it was planned that way until one of the lead singers got a sore throat and had to cancel the whole Australian tour.
That sounds like a pretty serious sore throat to me, I would've seen a doctor 'bout that.

At the end of Dunn Street, one of the streets I am on the corner of, is a really nice park for parents and children with BBQ's, sunshades, kids playground, cubby houses, outdoor gym, basketball hoops, tennis court, shimmering butterflies, cooperative ants, soft spongy grass and shady trees.

In the 1970's it would have been a brilliant place for parents to drop their children off at 9am [without sunscreen to let them kick a ball, run around, chase each other with sticks, throw rocks at each other and talk to strangers all day long] and then loop back at 4pm hoping they will still be there.
Nowadays it's perfect location for them to be completely immobile while flying their drone. Or for sitting in the car, with the engine and air conditioning running watching videos on climate change on the rear headrest DVD player :)

Next to the park is a running path [UniLoop] which is a 2.2km course marked in 200m increments. I use it all the time.
If you have a bit more athleticism in you, the Torrens Loop is great.
It's a loop around the Torrens river, which is nice to walk / run / ride around, but don't swim in it and definitely don't drink from it.
If a random fisherman, fisherwoman, non gender-specific fisherperson offers you a fish they just caught from it I recommend you politely decline.

A leafy and grassy 10 minute walk will find Adelaide Zoo and the adjacent Adelaide's Botanic Gardens.
Adelaide Zoo is home to Australia's only [non-breeding] breeding pair of Giant Panda's kindly on loan from China.
Sometimes I can also hear the resident lion roaring from my place too. It's a fearsome sound.
If I was in Africa just strolling through the bush, without a worry in the world and I heard that roaring sound nearby... I would have all the worries in the world.

The Botanic Gardens are a lovely place for introspection, where under a forest canopy of dappled light, one can gather one's thoughts, contemplate one's place in the world and walk at an excruciatingly slow pace blocking off the path to all the runners.

Sometimes summer evening outdoor concerts are held, usually of seasoned artists in the autumn of their career, before their winter cometh but... they still have a spring in their step, as long as they don't fall and know how to put on a show.

Lately the Pandas must have been freaking out.
There was this one time Shania Twain with full backing band was telling them:
"that don't impress me much",
then two nights later Jon Bon Jovi with full backing band wanted to:
"lay them down in a bed of roses!"
and not so long ago Elton John with full backing band was breathing over their shoulder asking:
"can you feel the love tonight?"
Between those three and that rowdy Lion, I can see why the Pandas are having trouble breeding.

Each March the Botanic Gardens hosts the stunningly successfully and vibrant world music festival, WOMAD. It's cool.
WOMAD is so upbeat and positive about it's future, they will be funking. up. the. beat until 2024 with concert dates published.
That's faith....Man. Peace brother!

***** WINERIES *****
South Australia is known the world over for our wineries, or so we like to think.
But they are very, very good. They encircle Adelaide like this:
North [2 hours] - Clare.
North [1 hour] - Barossa.
East [0.5 hour] - Adelaide Hills.
South [1 hour] - McLaren Vale.

Do an online Image search of "Barossa" or "McLaren Vale" to see how beautiful they are.
Though doing an Image search of "Clare" will give you an image of every woman in the world called Clare [and who knows what she might be wearing] so for that one try "Clare Valley Wineries".
Try and allow an extra day when in Adelaide to go out and visit at least one winery area.

Kellermeister in the Barossa valley makes a chocolate infused port called Sable, it's so good you need to close your eyes as you taste it.

The Barossa is great I spend half my time there and most weekends.
It is picturesque and calming. They have hot air ballooning there and I'm taking my mother up later this year. She is 85 and totally up for the flight. That's great.
I'm really proud of her.

***** AUSTRALIA *****
If you are travelling here from overseas. Welcome!!
Thanks for making it beyond Australia's tourism trinity of Sydney Opera House | Uluru | Great Barrier Reef and onto South Australia and Adelaide.
Australia is a great place and our southern middle section of the continent is pretty sweet.

Do not underestimate how big Australia is.
Australia in a very broad sense is about the same size as the US or China or Europe or half of South America or a third of Africa.
As a general rule if you are looking on a map, any map, and are wondering if place "X" is within an hours drive of place "Y", I doubt that it will be.
The gap between one city of 1 million people and the next one is generally, kinda, roughly, well you know, around 1000km [600mi] or 12+ hours in the car.

If you plan to drive while here, it is important to note we drive on the LEFT hand side of the road while sitting in the RIGHT hand side of the car as opposed to other countries where they drive on the RIGHT hand side of the road while sitting in the LEFT hand side of the car.
Give Way to your right and look out for kangaroos on country roads.

If possible try and drive the Great Ocean Road [GOR] from Melbourne to get to Adelaide.
When you do that drive, keep an eye out for the "House on a Pole" not far from the start of the GOR at the Melbourne end.
You probably won't have to specifically look out for it, you can't miss it.
It must be Australia's most photographed house. It's super cool.
If you haven't heard of it before, look it up. It can be booked but it's expensive.

Some of our systems may differ to other places around the world.
To help you out a few of the major ones are:

Measurements of temperature:
Some countries use Fahrenheit, where freezing is 32 and boiling is 212. ! ? !
We use Celsius, where freezing is 0 and boiling is 100. Simples!
For me:
2 degrees is sufficiently cold life almost stops
15 degrees or less requires jeans and a jacket
20 degrees or less is great for running long distances
28 degrees is perfect for life
35 degrees is hot
40 degrees is too hot

Measurements of heights / weights / speeds / distances:
Some countries use either one of the incomprehensibly complex:
[a] Imperial system or
[b] US customary units system.
We use the exquisitely logical, modular and beautifully integrated Metric system based on 10's and 100's and 1000's.
Should you have a need to convert from one to the other you could take an easy option of a search engine enquiry or step up and embark on a manual system conversion intellectual challenge.
Imagine your phone had run out of battery during a power outage and you really, really needed to convert say, 135 square kilometres into square miles.
You could go old school and Times by 5 and Divide by 8:
So, 135 times by 5 would be:
5 times 5 is 25, carry the 2.
5 times 3 is 15, add the carried over 2, being 17.
5 times 1 is 5, add the carried over 1, being 6.
So 135 times by 5 results in 675.

675 then divided by 8 (anyone remember manual long division?)
8 into 6 goes 0.
0 times 8 is 0.
6 minus 0 is 6.
Drop down the 7.
8 into 67 goes 8.
8 times 8 is 64.
67 minus 64 is 3.
Drop down the 5.
8 into 35 goes 4.
4 times 8 is 32.
35 minus 32 is 3.
Clearly, the answer 84 with a remainder of 3.
To show as decimal, 3 divided by 8 produces 3 and 3/4.
So simply, the answer is 84.375.
Of course I think it would be ok to round down to the closest full integer, so the answer is 84.
And as we are talking square miles, then 84 square miles it is.
Done : )

Some countries use a progression of starting at the medium sized then all the way down to the smallest sized and right back up to the largest:
Month / Day / Year ? ! ?
Maybe there is something I don't understand but I've thought about this and I can't think of any reason why that could possibly be a good idea.
To show logic of this, here is an example:
Say you needed to write today's date on an important document but momentarily cannot recall the date, so you ask someone:
You: "What is the date, please?"
Them: "October."
You: "I am ok with the month, it has been unchanged for almost 3 weeks."
Them: "So?"
You: "What day of the month is it?"
Them: "Oh, it's 19th."
You: "Thank you, that was the information I was seeking."

We use a rational escalation of smallest up to medium then up to the largest:
Day / Month / Year.
Now using this system the same conversation above would go like this:
You: "What is the date, please?"
Them: "19th."
You: "Thank you."

Got a thing for people in uniform or have a problem that can only be solved by a police car or ambulance or big red fire truck?
Some countries use 999 or 911 or 119 or 112 or 110 or 100 the list goes on.
We use 000.
It's at the bottom of your phone.
In the middle.
Three times.

Australian dollar [AUD].
As of the time of writing [not the time of reading] AUD$100 is loosely worth about:
CNY450 or EUR60 or GBP50 or JPY7000 or SGD$90 or US$75.
Do not initiate your forex currency swaps career based on these figures.

Also do NOT underestimate the Australian sun.
If you're arriving from the high latitudes of the northern hemisphere [looking at you UK !] between September and May and you are too cool to wear sunscreen, you will get sunburnt.
If you are new to sunburn, you do not want it. It will ruin your holiday.
I am extremely aware of it and I still get burnt, particularly on the back of my neck.
Be careful !

There seems to be lots of references out there to how deadly Australian animals are:
Killer sharks, killer crocodiles, killer snakes, killer stingrays, killer dingoes, killer spiders, killer jellyfish, killer fish, killer octopus, killer shells, killer pythons and the killing list goes on... BUT if we added up everyone whose untimely demise was attributable to things with large teeth or venom they are a lot less than those killed falling off ladders.
Sure they occur but all are localised to their specific area and are super easy to avoid.
It's hard to get eaten by a shark while tasting that chocolate infused port at Kellermeister.

I heard recently the Inland Taipan [snake] is the world's most venomous and one bite can kill 20,000 mice.
But really, who still walks around carrying 20,000 mice with them these days?
I stopped doing that during the 90's!

Good news. What we collectively lose in killer animals we collectively gain another way.
People don't habitually roam the streets with guns here [Australia].
Nobody has a gun under their jacket, car seat, piano lid or pillow.
Usually, if we have an issue with someone, about something, we get cranky and voice our displeasure though our social media channel of choice.
While tedious and whiney this is a much better solution than shooting the city full of holes.
Apart from farmers, I don't know anyone, ever, who has a gun.
If you were at a pub chatting away and said:
"Oh yeah babe, I have a loaded semi-automatic assault rifle at home"
The piano player would stop playing, the barman in his waistcoat and waxed moustache would drop the glass he was holding up to the light, the saloon doors would flap in the breeze, tumbleweed would roll through town and you would be the focus of all attention.
Within 5 seconds none of the babes would be nearby AND within 90 seconds you would be explaining your "lifestyle" to the sheriff, his badge and his shiny black horse.

Last time I saw a gun [not attached to a police officer] would have been before the internet was a thing.

A high percentage of Australian's can swim, it comes with being an island nation and swimming lessons as children.
Drowning's still occur too frequently. International tourists less aware of the conditions are very susceptible and can pay the ultimate price.
If you are not aware of what an ocean "rip" is, do NOT go swimming until you know more about it.
Good thing to remember is that you only have to be killed once to be dead.
There is this saying: "The ocean doesn't care." It's true, it doesn't.
Don't be over confident in the water and do swim between the flags.

Kangaroos: [everywhere]
They are superbly adapted to this land and move with grace across the landscape plus their fur is llama soft and the young [ joeys ] are impossibly cute.
Sometimes the adult male's lie down on the grass, resting, propped up on one elbow, surveying the range, just waitin' to say hellooooo to the lady kangaroos... and look as cool as ice.
Note to any 18 - 35yo males reading this:
The WILD adult males [boomers] are stronger and faster than you or any of your gym buddies will ever be and can break you in a second.
While you are trying to pat him with one hand and take a photo of yourself, your beard and your man bun with the other, he may pull you in with his front paws then lean back on his thick and muscular tail and kick you with such a ferocious velocity you won't notice his claw rip right down your ventral anterior.
Your surgeon, if being paid by the suture, will make a fortune stitching your left side back together with your right side into a scarified whole.
That's the point you will be thankful for our universal health care.
Don't mess with a wild kangaroo!
Just sayin'.

Crocodiles: [not found in South Australia]...
If in your travels around Australia you see a sign saying "Danger Crocodiles" it is telling you two things:
[1] Danger
[2] Crocodiles
It is not danger OR crocodiles. They mean danger AND crocodiles.
When you see that sign, immediately get back in your car, lock the doors, count the number of people in the car then compare that with the number that earlier got out of the car.
If the numbers agree, go somewhere else further away from the water.
If the numbers don't agree, go anyway... you can't save everyone!

If a crocodile sees you, behind those pitiless eyes, it has already calculated how many calories you contain [crocodiles are prehistoric, so not sure they think in kilojoules] and is now planning how long after eating you, it should schedule it's next meal.
Think of it like a submarine. It spends all day under the waves, comes to the surface to deliver destruction then slips silently back into the murky depths.
ping!... ping!... ping

It's like that line from the Terminator movie:
"It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead."
Don't mess with crocodiles!

As a general rule, don't pick anything up that has a forked tongue or more than two legs [apart from fluffy seal point kittens and chocolate coloured Labrador puppies].
These animals haven't lasted 100,000 years in the brutal world of nature without a good offensive and defensive game.
A good example is the Blue Ringed Octopus: [super rare]... I've never seen one or know of anyone who has, but they are out there... in the shallows, lurking under rocks.
One bite from a B.R.O you've just enough time to find a stick, to write out your Last Will and Testament in the beach sand above the high tide line.
After that, all that will remain is tears and then paperwork for the coroner.
Don't pick things up from the ocean!

I'm just playing to stereotypes there, I have spent all my life getting outdoors into the bush and into the water and give none of the above a second thought.
But you have to know the rules before you can break them.

So get outside and see the place. It's amazing.
Though there was this one time, I was swimming in the ocean and a dolphin flippered up alongside to offer unsolicited swimming technique advice but all I saw was a fast, large dark shadow and a suspicious dorsal fin cut through the water like a knife.
Ohhhhhhh... that sure did get my attention.

**** OVERALL****
In summary... it's a great place for stayin', chillin', eatin', walkin', hikin', bikin', runnin' and other things that sound cool by dropping the "g" and replacing it with an apostrophe.

I really think the value is there, given the location, access to local area, Oval, hospitals, universities, zoo and city plus the apartment itself is great.
On most occasions I am usually cheaper or highly competitive with many of my North Adelaide contemporaries.
There are drive-in motels 8+ km [5+ miles] further out of town, who, on a standard night ask a higher nightly room rate than I do.
I would choose my place every time.

And I know this is a massively long read [think of the 70+ hours I spent writing it, which is sufficiently long and reasonable enough to slap down a copyright symbol © BAMMM there it is.. Take that!] and thanks for making it this far.

I'm never sure how many people make it all the way to here but given you are at this point and only three paragraphs from the end you might as well see it through.

Should you decide to book, mention "banana bread" in your message and I will buy half a loaf and have it waiting for you as a reward for your diligence and endurance of reading all the way to the end.

Also, it's nice to get some feedback now and again too, just so I know my time wasn't completely wasted.

Lastly, I look forward to your enquiry or booking :)


[©copyright 2019-2020]
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Work in Health industry. Been in Adelaide 10 years and always keen for run or ride. Through AirBNB, I host my stylish North Adelaide apartment "Sunny.Safe.Secure." and the "Adelaid…
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Depending on your arrival time I will either
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[b] leave keys and the garage door opener.
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