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Pumpkin House...a Museum Guest House
Pumpkin House...a Museum Guest House
  • Pumpkin House...a Museum Guest House
  • The Captain’s Suite, the master bedroom with a queen sized bed, ensuite powder room and a view of the bay
  • Furnished with a curated collection of vintage accessories evoking the grandeurs of another era.
  • Rooms are furnished with local antiques. This one has a double bed and a window that looks out to the ocean and a boat marina
  • Restored to showcase its’ original character and charm!
  • Good lighting makes a house a home! At the Pumpkin House, great lighting is found in every space.
  • The Pumpkin House, sits behind a now turquoise coloured picket fence on the edge of a quiet bay
  • The old outhouse stands strong... an iconic reminder of life before indoor plumbing
  • The Twin Root Cellars of the house’s brothers Joe and Bennett lay nestled in the hills of the Pumpkin House property
  • Newfoundland, the oldest British colony
  • The Pumpkin House is Licensed by the Government of Newfoundland & Labrador Department of Business, Tourism, Culture and Rural Development as well as registered with Canada Select. We offer you a 4 star vacation home.
  • If these walls could talk! The entire house was constructed using local some rooms the house has writing on the walls from the original inhabitants!!
  • The Sugar Sack Suite is a light and bright double size bedroom with an ocean view
  • Featured on HGTV's "15 Coolest Canadian Airbnb Rentals"
  • As original as possible. Built in the 19th century, the house retains many of its original victorian architectural details
  • The Den is setup with Netflix and a Blu-Ray player for those indoor afternoons...
  • The Den, a place where you can kick back and relax
  • The cozy eat-in kitchen with a 1950's flair
  • Some of the best moments happen in the we call them Kitchen Parties
  • No shortage of eye candy
  • A perfect place to have an afternoon tea, play a game of cards or write some postcards
  • The victorian style dining room serves up plenty of character
  • Dive into history one page at a time
  • Vintage Treasures from another time adorn the rooms
  • In the upstairs hallway nestled in front of a window looking out to the root cellars in the hills is a typewriter ready for you to enjoy
  • #oldfashioned   
compose your 19th century text msg...
  • The bathroom with the tub & shower is on the main floor
  • The rustic powder room off the master completes the captains suite
  • Years ago, many of the homes in Newfoundland were painted bright colours.  So the story goes, it was so that men out at sea could spot their house from their boats far off from the shore
  • Welcome to the Pumpkin House -- built circa 1872
  • Sunsets over the bay can be colourful and also quite breath taking
  • Colourful fishing boats in the neighbouring boat yard come and go
  • Sit back and unwind...
  • Peaceful and serene...
  • Little gardens around the property pop with seasonal flowers throughout the summer ❤️
  • Pumpkin orange
  • "The Arm" amazing fishing stages and stores of Durrell are within a short walk
  • Serenity
  • Beautiful
  • A great place to get away and leave the city pavement far behind
  • Icebergs in town at sunset
  • Icebergs travel 1000's of miles to be sighted here in Iceberg Alley
  • Expect the unexpected... A road trippers paradise...
  • Stunning hikes that take you up into the mountains and then bring you down to the ocean shore, Twillingate is truly a hiker's haven
  • Prime Berth, a great local museum full of history and culture even offers private boat charters
  • Magnificent sunsets and sunrises...
  • Native Lupins colour the spring landscape in June
  • Twillingate-- The Iceberg Capitol of the World
  • Winter whites
  • Welcome to the Pumpkin House
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Pumpkin House...a Museum Guest House