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Best things to do in Dresden

Discover the city through the eyes of locals. Find the best things to do, places to eat, and get priceless advice from the people who live here.

Sublocality Level 1
“perfect for hiking, cycling, walking your dog, playing with your kids on the Waldspielplatz, the deer enclosure, the Hofewiese...calming place!”
21local recommendations
Art Gallery
“Shopping, Art and Culture, Food and Drinks, ... This artisty passage has it all. Don't forget to look up at the buildings! :)”
21local recommendations
Train Station
“Mainline Trains towards Leipzig, Hannover, Cologne, Frankfurt, Saarbrücken with connections to France, Belgium, Neederlands, Switzerland, Denmark”
25local recommendations
Eastern European Restaurant
“Local, creative cuisine and beautiful ambiance especially in summer at the terrace ”
27local recommendations
Movie Theatre
“very nice small cinema newly refurbished with lot's of independent movies and a nice inside”
11local recommendations
“Alaunpark. Because everybody enjoys uncomplicated chilling on the gras or playing Frisbee, making music or just day dreaming. At day or night time this place is perfect for chillaxing under the open sky and meeting easy-going people.”
19local recommendations
Indie Movie Theatre
“Nice kino, plays English movies with German subtitles - not only commercial; Take #13 tram from Bürger Str - direction Prohlis - and get out at Görlitzer Str. ”
19local recommendations
“Im Rewe gibt es alles für das leibliche Wohl, von 7 bis 22 Uhr. Gleich um die Ecke. :)”
7local recommendations
Sublocality Level 2
“Die Neustadt ist ein jüngeres Viertel mit vielen Restaurants, Bars und der Nachtszene Dresdens.”
12local recommendations
German Restaurant
“Fine drinks and food and 3 castles on the hills along the riverbank. Not only a summer-destination. Note: There a lot of old trees at the park...”
17local recommendations
“Here you will find all the night life and bars. Take Tram 3/7 to get here. Coming back late night is best to take Tram 3 and get off 'Plauen' and walk from there”
10local recommendations
“Etwas teurerer Laden. Aber sehr gute Cocktails. Schön zum sitzen - direkt am „Brennpunkt“ - der Neustadt - dem „Assi-Eck“ ;) ”
13local recommendations
Beer Garden
“Im Sommer ein Biergarten, in dem die Bowle unschlagbar ist, im Winter eine Garage zum Tanzen und Trinken - der mittwöchige Älternabend verrät die Zielgruppe.”
7local recommendations
“Wer nicht Pazifist ist, wird beim Besuch des Museum interessanten Input erfahren.”
7local recommendations
“Superschön gelegen, unkompliziert, auch ausreichend groß und stadtnah, direkt am Fähranleger Johannstadt.”
13local recommendations
“Vegetarian main course, traditional German Sauerbraten, just a beer or a relaxed breakfast/ brunch from Monday - Sunday? Planwirtschaft offers delicious things for everybody. Rustic lovely interior with a slight touch of an old chemist's shop, also there is a cellar like basement floor as well as a cosy inner backyard.”
8local recommendations