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Parks and nature in Bayside, Queens

Top nature recommendations from locals

“The Crocheron family lived on the edge of Little Neck Bay for centuries. The first family member to live in the area was John Crocheron, a farmer whose will dates from 1695. His long line of distinguished descendents include: Henry Crocheron, a Congressman from 1815 to 1817; Jacob Crocheron, a Congressman from 1829 to 1831; Nicholas Crocheron, a member of the 1854 State Assembly; and Joe Crocheron, a horse racer and gambler who was as renowned as Cornelius Vanderbilt and August Belmont. ”
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“This is a beautiful and historic waterfront cover of Queens. It locates at the northwest cover of the juncture of Little Neck Bay and LI Sound, Fort Totten is a walk back in time. The property has water on 3 sides and is attached to Queens via the Cross Island Pkwy. It used to be inhabited by the IS Army as a fort. There are parade grounds on which summer concerts and soccer games are held.”
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“Nature trails and estuary for local wildlife. Visitors center and live animal interaction. ”
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Other Great Outdoors
“A lovely park with nice trails throughout, views of the bay and the bridge, and picturesque fishing jetties.”
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“5 min walk to Oakland Lake. Oakland Lake is a 15,000-year-old spring-fed glacial kettle pond located in Alley Pond Park. The lake, once known as Mill Pond, became known as Oakland Lake, named for the 19th century estate on this site called “The Oaks” for the many oak trees in the area. Oakland Lake is fed by underground springs and a ravine, and at one time it was speculated that the lake was 600 feet deep and had a massive underground river leading to nearby Little Neck Bay. In 1969, a diving expedition went in search of the lake bottom, undergoing elaborate emergency prevention measures in case the alleged river’s current was too strong. However, the dive proved that the lake was only app”
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