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Best things to do in Porto

Discover the city through the eyes of locals. Find the best things to do, places to eat, and get priceless advice from the people who live here.

Sandwich Place
“Typical for its simple yet delicious sandwiches of piglet and portuguese cheese. Sometimes the waiting line goes down the road!”
143local recommendations
“The fanciest club in town. The music won't be so comercial, people need to dress up quite nicely. The kind of place where you'll find famous people. You may need to wait a lot in the queue. It is close to the center, but not that close and it is isolated from other venues. You need to take an uber.”
18local recommendations
“Typical Oporto neighbourhood that retains most of the features from the past. A hotspot during the Saint John's celebrations!! ”
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“ANOTHER SANDWICH YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS We know, by now you are thinking that Porto only has to offer bread, cheese and meat. Sorry, but “Venham mais 5” also had to be present in this list. Its famous sandwiches are made with steak and “queijo da serra” and since it is close to Guedes you can simply have one in each place.”
26local recommendations
“Little park, popular with old men playing cards and domino, nice for a little rest on a bench in the sun”
20local recommendations
“if you're looking for some vegetarian and vegan food. It's a very tasty and cousy place”
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Portuguese Restaurant
“Great typical restaurant open until late. Plenty of choice, from seafood to hearty meat dishes. Probably the best "filetes de pescada” (fried hake fillets) in Porto. 5m walking distance”
25local recommendations
“Closest Metro station coming straight from the Airport but you have also São Bento, Bolhão and Aliados a few minutes walking distance.”
19local recommendations
“Restaurantes like casa guedes, républica dos cachorros, Santigo (for the famous francesinhas) and many other local restaurants where you can try local traditional food.”
19local recommendations
“For the more daring, here you can try common northern "petiscos" ("tapas" in Portuguese), like pork ears, fried tripe, blood sausage, etc.”
14local recommendations
“Few things are better about Porto than its abundance of family-run restaurants where you can eat superbly. Casa Nanda is typical: it’s been here more than 35 years, and it ain’t about to go changing. The same dishes have been cooked hundreds of times and refined to perfection, their taste refined to perfection: highlights include hake fillets with rice or potato salad and the grilled beef rib. tips: Start your meal with the chicken soup, finish it with ‘aletria’ pudding or crème brulée. Rua da Alegria, 394 Porto 4000-035 Price: Up to €30”
27local recommendations
“You probably know about hotdogs, but you have never tasted the ones served here. Sliced in tiny pieces, filled with tasty ingredients, you won't regret your visit. They also have wonderful Francesinhas here.”
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“T. (00351) 22 321 8806 Segunda-feira a Sexta-feira 08:00–21:00 Sábado e Domingo 08:00–21:00”
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“The now denominated Parque de São Roque, with OVER 4 hectares, was sold in 1979 by the family Calém to the City Council of Porto, having been opened to the public the same year and revived in the beginning of 1990. The gardens boast very stylish elements from the last century, such as: minarets, hedgerows, waterspouts, bonfires, etc. A set of sculptural pieces was therefore installed by the Council of Porto and at that point, a chapel that had existed until then in Largo Actor Dias was reconstructed, as well as the labyrinth of Buxus sempervirens. It maintains the characteristic of the romantic garden. Since the academic year 2002/2003 it also lodges the Centre for Environmental Education.”
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Cocktail Bar
“Amazing place with very good vibe, awesome cocktails, local and internacional craft beer and good pizzas! They also have a garden for the summer time.”
19local recommendations
College Library
“The nice Royal Library of Porto, is located in a very beautiful building, a convent from the 18th century.”
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