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Things to do in Bribir

Top recommendations from locals

From sightseeing to hidden gems, find out what makes the city unique with the help of the locals who know it best.

“Just 2 km down the hill, in a cozy setting, surrounded by their own big vineyard, you can try amazing local cuisine such as barbecue, game stew, grilled dishes, homemade sausages and various truffle dishes. Our favorite dish is homemade Bribir makaruns that you just have to try.”
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“Just 15 km drive up the Bribir mountain in Ravno at 864 m above the sea you can cool of and try the most amazing local food in restaurant Vagabundina koliba. Our favorite food there is Vagabundo mix plate.”
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“Lukovo is a beautiful valley in Bribir mountain where you can enjoy walking, hiking, encounter wild horses and deer. The Lukovo Valley is full of all kinds of all kinds of herbs and it is a special place where the Mediterranean meets the mountain climate.”
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“Sagrađena je 1524. godine na mjestu stare crkve koja je zasigurno postojala još u vrijeme donošenja Vinodolskog zakona 1288.godine, a vjerojatno i ranije. U prvoj polovini 18. stoljeća je proširena, preuređena i barokizirana. Zapaljena je krajem 1944. godine, a obnovljena osamdesetih godina 20. stoljeća.”
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  • 1 local recommends
Historic Site
“Within 10 min walking distance from our Hause is Bribir town center where you can find fresh bakery, Pizza restaurant, two supermarkets and Cafes. Here you can also explore the old part of the town with remnants of the former castle, the medieval hill-fort from the 12th century as well as renaissance works of art in St. Peter and Paul Church built in 1524.”
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“Restaurant ''Vagabundina Koliba'' offers great local specialties, with ingredients coming straight from the surrounding forest (such as cheese with herbs, and nettle nuggets). It offers a great atmosphere in preserved nature ambient.”
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Natural Feature
“Highest peak of the local mountain chain (1428 m), approx. 2-2.5 h walk from the parking spot.”
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