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Top recommendations from locals

From sightseeing to hidden gems, find out what makes the city unique with the help of the locals who know it best.
“Amazing park with winding paths and a beautiful pergola atop the highest point that you can climb up to for a great view. Also two great bars/cafés with outdoor seating. Great place for joggers to run around the lake, and lots of nooks and crannies to discover. Also great for picnics, walks and free morning tai chi classes. ”
  • 1126 locals recommend
“Take a short (10 min) stroll along the canal d'Ourcq and you will arrive to La Villete park. A great area for picnic. It also contains the science museum and a 3D cinema La Geode.”
  • 606 locals recommend
Beer Garden
“Very warm and casual atmosphere, to dance and have drinks, right next to the Buttes Chaumont. Often old music, it depends, really fun poace. Lots of Parisians love this place...”
  • 592 locals recommend
Theme Park
“We actually prefer this park to Disneyland, especially if you are Asterix fans. It's the same distance - about 30 minutes.”
  • 66 locals recommend
Movie Theatre
“Great science museum where you can touch and test ! Also a great planetarium inside and a museum for small kids.”
  • 262 locals recommend
Concert Hall
“The most recent concert hall built in Paris, with an astounding program, also suitable for kids”
  • 160 locals recommend
“Located in the heart of one of the largest forests in the Paris region, Chantilly is home to one of the most beautiful Châteaux and park in France, the works of the Duke of Aumale, son of the last King of France. The Condé Museum, which houses paintings by artists such as Raphael, Fra Angelico, Poussin, Ingres or Delacroix, large stables and a Horse Museum. Considered one of the jewels of the French heritage, the Chantilly Estate welcomes thousands of horse, history and curious visitors each year in search of an unforgettable stroll through the 115 hectares of the estate..”
  • 38 locals recommend
Concert Hall
“One of the largest most known concert venues in Paris situated in the Parc de la Vilette. Rock, rap, world music, electro, musicals, one man shows, etc a large audience, under optimal technical conditions.”
  • 69 locals recommend
“The Cité de la Musique-Philharmonie in Paris is the first of two buildings built by the Philharmonie de Paris.”
  • 112 locals recommend
“Plenty of bars alongside the Canal de l'Ourcq! On boats, on the ground, if you decide to be on one side or the other, to turn left or right, you will find so many places to have diner at, or just for a few drinks!”
  • 66 locals recommend
“One of the biggest parc in Paris and the most amazing one ! Incredible view of Paris ! ”
  • 597 locals recommend
Theme Park
“Parc d'attraction pour les petits avec un psectable de cow boy et d'indien qui plait bien aux enfants”
  • 14 locals recommend
Theme Park
“The best amusement parc neerby ! You must take a bus from the charles de gaulle airport to go there.”
  • 8 locals recommend
“Expensive and trendy restaurant inside Les Buttes Chaumont. Very nice decor and terrace. Perfect for brunch. ”
  • 79 locals recommend
“The most beautiful park in Paris... Beware, you'll have to climb to deserve it. In the summertime, you'll most likely step into open electro parties at the Kiosque à Musique. Otherwise, inside of the parc, fetch the Rosa Bonheur (joyful bistro) or Pavillon Puebla (trendy bistro).”
  • 19 locals recommend
Natural Feature
“The Canal de L'Ourcq is the continuation of the Canal Saint Martin, going direction La Villette. Very calm, friendly, large place. You can seat by the canal, almost no traffic. Many good bars, reasonable price, restaurants, many terrasses, also bars on the water (Peniche). ”
  • 74 locals recommend

Top restaurants

“Expensive and trendy restaurant inside Les Buttes Chaumont. Very nice decor and terrace. Perfect for brunch. ”
  • 79 locals recommend
“Little bistro with an ever-changing menu, great innovative food, the perfect opportunity to try something new! ”
  • 52 locals recommend
“La Meilleure brasserie du quartier / The best brasserie in the neighborhood. ”
  • 43 locals recommend
French Restaurant
“ Very nice place near Les Buttes Chaumont, with a terrace where u can drink or eat”
  • 50 locals recommend
Japanese Restaurant
“Sushi and sashimi made by Japanise ! Cheaper for lunch --- Des vrais sushi et sashimi faits par de japonais ”
  • 56 locals recommend
“L'hippodrome de Chantilly fut inauguré en 1834. Il se situe en bordure de forêt à proximité du château de Chantilly et couvre 65 hectares. C'est là que se tiennent depuis 1836 le Prix du Jockey-Club pour les mâles et femelles, et depuis 1843 le Prix de Diane pour les femelles.”
  • 12 locals recommend
“best place next door to have a good rhum session, or good food as well. awesome crew, very welcoming, they know their job and it's affordable”
  • 43 locals recommend
“2 minutes walk from home. Bistrot for meat lovers. Very good selection of wines. Typical French!”
  • 41 locals recommend

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