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Best things to do in Grand Cayman

Tour Provider
“THis is the one thing that everyone should do when they visit Cayman ... at least once! I've done it several times and its always entertaining. Don't be afraid, they are very tame and very used to people, so just listen to your tour guides advice about how to touch and feed them and avoid stepping on them. Its a bit "touristy" yes, but its fun nonetheless and everyone i have ever taken has enjoyed it. Great photo ops”
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Art Gallery
“Often exhibiting the work of local artists, constantly changing so best to check their schedule for whatever is showing during your visit”
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“There are some lovely walks around the Botanic Park but perhaps the most interesting (for me) is their initiative to rescue the endangered blue iguanas which are indigenous to Cayman and have become threatened due to the prolific rise in population of green iguanas which were imported here years ago and are now taking over! Blue iguanas are more shy and are consequently the green ones are taking over their natural habitat and forcing them into extinction ... ”
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“Quite a surprising thing to find here in Cayman - it features the first car ever brought to the Cayman Islands, a 1905 Cadillac imported from Havana Cuba in 1914. Along with the fantastic Ferraris, Rally Cars, Porsches, and Bentleys there are also motorbikes, power race boats, artwork and motor memorabilia. My favorite though is one of the original electric cars made in the US that were later banned and ordered destroyed due to pressure from the oil companies - fascinating!”
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Sculpture Garden
“Visit Davinoff’s Concrete Sculpture Garden located on the highway between Old Man Bay and the Queen’s Monument. View a range of concrete animals such as a 16ft blue iguana, a 6ft land crab and a 17ft crocodile. A great spot to take photos and kids will love climbing over the sculptures! Open daily with free entry.”
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Arts & Crafts Store
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