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Best things to do in Huelva

Discover the city through the eyes of locals. Find the best things to do, places to eat, and get priceless advice from the people who live here.

Nature Preserve
“Over 58,000 ha of national park with thousands of European and African migratory birds, fallow deer, Spanish red deer, wild boars, European badgers, Egyptian mongooses, and endangered species such as the Spanish imperial eagle and the Iberian lynx. Need to book ticket for a tour in advance.”
84local recommendations
“Es una cavidad freática originada por la acción erosivo disolutiva de las aguas sobre las rocas calizas del cerro del Castillo. La longitud total conocida de este complejo subterráneo es de 2.130 m, de los que 1.400 son visitables. La belleza de los lagos, la amplitud de los espacios y la coloración de las variadísimas formaciones de estalactitas y estalagmitas constituyen un conjunto excepcional. Se encuentra ubicada en pleno casco urbano. La tradición popular narra que su descubridor fue un un pastor, aunque la primera referencia histórica sobre su existencia data de 1886.”
19local recommendations
Shopping Mall
“Encontraras las mejores tiendas y marcas de Islantilla. Tambien tienes numerosos sitios de comidas y un supermercado.”
19local recommendations
Natural Feature
“There are several companies that operate kayak and bicycle tours along the river and even outside the city. Ask us for details.”
12local recommendations
General Travel
“We develop a lot of activities in the Lake. You can book a StandUpPaddle tour, a canoeing tour (day and night), waterskiing and wakeboard, Wine tasting tours, Visit to the cellars, hiking programs. ”
6local recommendations
Other Great Outdoors
“Explore stunning scenic driving routes and walk trails through these picturesque mountains and charming mountain villages.”
11local recommendations
Shopping Mall
“Big shopping mall located in the outskirts. Eat, shop and/or watch a movie. Parking provided ”
7local recommendations
Seafood Restaurant
“I love this place. The location is amazing as the Restaurant is on the beach and it is one of my favorite beaches in the Algarve. The food, drinks and new modern decoration is great”
18local recommendations
Historic Site
“Christophe Colomb himself stayed there one year in 1492 waiting for the green light of the Queen to leave Europe for América. ”
9local recommendations
Other Great Outdoors
“La atracción turística estrella de Aracena, su cueva maravillosa. Y se encuentra a escasos minutos del apartamento, andando.”
6local recommendations
“Scenic beach on a pine tree covered hill. Breathtaking views of the coastline/mountains from the top of the hill.”
10local recommendations
Portuguese Restaurant
“Restaurante con vistas al mar. Comida tradicional portuguesa de calidad excepcional.”
12local recommendations
Mediterranean Restaurant
“Lovely place during the day and late into the early morning for drinks especially the summer months but also open all year round .”
4local recommendations
Point of Interest
“Damas es una compañía de transporte de que une a Huelva y Sevilla, da cobertura a las poblaciones entrelazándolas, con un amplio espectro de horarios. ”
7local recommendations
“Fascinating maritime museum complete with 3 reconstructed ships commemorating the 1492 Columbus voyage.”
6local recommendations
“Upscale Restaurant inside (they also have a dining/bar area at the front entrance): Must haves: ¨Jamón¨ the best Iberian ham ever! ¨gambas¨ shrimp, ¨gambas rebozadas¨ fried shrimp, ¨rapé empanado¨ fried monkfish (don’t forget to ask for a side of their special mayonnaise dipping sauce ¨mayonesa¨), ¨ensalada templada de berengena y jamón¨ eggplant salad topped with Iberian ham, vinaigrette and olive oil, ¨corvina¨ grilled sea bass, ¨coquinas¨ small clams sautéed in olive oil and garlic ”
8local recommendations