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Essentials in Yongsan-gu

Liquor Store
“good craft beer and pizza! 유명한 수제맥주바. 더부스의 맥주 뿐 아니라 피자도 유명해요. 좀더 북적거리고 시끌벅적한 분위기를 원한다면 더부스 경리단점을 추천!”
  • 1 local recommends
“Center of Islamic culture in Korea and some fantastic shops and restaurants in this area.”
  • 1 local recommends
“Korean style drinking! Korean style drinking place. You must order some food. Best go in a group! Jeff speaks English well!”
  • 1 local recommends
“International shopping!! you should find all you need here! There are also close by Halal food stores”
  • 4 locals recommend
Grocery Store
“they sell food and spices from all around the world. 해외 여행에서 먹었던 바로 그 향신료, 그 인스턴트 라면, 그 음식이 먹고싶다면? 포린푸드마트를 둘러보는 것만으로도 여행 온 기분.”
  • 3 locals recommend
Convenience Store
  • 1 local recommends