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Top recommendations from locals

Art Museum
“The Revoltella Museum is an important modern art gallery that originated from an institution founded in 1872 by Baron Pasquale Revoltella (1795 – 1869). Revoltella bequeathed his palace and his art collection to the city of Trieste; but in addition to the building and the objects contained within he also bestowed a conspicuous revenue to the museum. This allowed for the continuous increase of patrimony and accumulation, in a remarkably short time, of a considerable art collection. ”
  • 37 locals recommend
“Biblioteca Salaborsa is the central public library opened in 2001 and provides a rich and fascinating cultural space inside Palazzo d'Accursio, the ancient and historical seat of the city government. The archaeological excavations carried out recently to restore Salaborsa revealed traces of public and religious buildings. They are visible to the public through a walkway and testify to the fact that the place has always been the centre of public life in the city. There is the impressive wall perimeter of the Renaissance Terribilia tank, paved roads and foundations of the Roman basilica, the wall of the Medieval tower house and the star-shaped tub once at the centre of the garden. ”
  • 67 locals recommend
“Devi vedere l'aula di anatomia della più antica università del mondo! You must see the anatomy hall of the oldest university in the world!”
  • 58 locals recommend
“Impossibile venire a Recanati senza vederla. If you come to Recanati you can't miss it.”
  • 20 locals recommend
“One of the most romantic places in town to enjoy a lovely view on the city. It is also possible to visit the Mountain Museum on the same terrace.”
  • 52 locals recommend
Art Museum
“House of Leonardo DaVinci's originals drawings and Raaffaello's preparatory drawings of "The school of Athens" - amazing”
  • 53 locals recommend
“Very nice place for a coffee with a wonderful Duomo view.... Don't loose it!!”
  • 94 locals recommend
Art Gallery
“Museum of Modern Art has a nice permanent collection of Slovenian art of 20th century and also a guest exhibition every 3 months. They also have a nice coffee place in the basement of the gallery. ”
  • 13 locals recommend
Book Store
“4-5 min away. Moderna galerija houses the national collection of 20th century Slovene art (paintings, sculptures, prints and drawings as well as photography, video and electronic media collections) and a collection of works from the former Yugoslavia. Collections overview is available on this link The national collection presents the basic stages in the development of the Slovene tradition of modern and contemporary art from the beginning of the 20th century onwards. Moderna galerija does not regard its collections as rigidly separated fields; it rather links and combines them in dynamic ways.”
  • 12 locals recommend
Art Museum
“The Centro per l'Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci is the first Italian institution which has been built from scratch to present, collect, document and promote the most advanced artistic research. Since its opening in 1988, it has produced a vast number of exhibitions and educational schemes, carried out activities of contemporary art documentation, and hosted numerous theatrical and multimedia events. It has built up a collection of over 1000 works which map artistic trends from the ‘sixties up to the present day: painting, sculpture, cinema and video, installations, works on paper, artist books, photographs, graphic art, applied arts and commissioned projects. I”
  • 13 locals recommend
Historic Site
“Villa Medici is the Accademy of French Embassy but really excellent Building on the top of Piazza di Spagna with wonderfull garden.”
  • 21 locals recommend
“Military Academy of Modena. It was the first military institution to be created in the world and actually the most important in Italy”
  • 5 locals recommend
“On the pier in front of the museum you can board the boat Subaquatic, which is the only boat on the Slovenian coast with windows under the sea surface for viewing the underwater world.”
  • 3 locals recommend
“The Church of San Michele in Bosco is an impressive architectural complex comprising both the church and nearby convent once belonging to the Olivetans, one of the largest and most picturesque in Italy. It stands in one of the most scenic spots of the surrounding hills of Bologna and its churchyard offers a wonderful view of the city and the plain to the Alps.”
  • 23 locals recommend
“la biblioteca Malatestiana è la più antica biblioteca pubblica d'Europa, le sue collezioni vi stupiranno e vi faranno piombare in tempi ormai lontani.”
  • 8 locals recommend
“Secluded spot where Leonardo Da Vinci planted his vineyard during one of his lengthy stays in Milan working for the Sforza family.”
  • 11 locals recommend