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Best things to do in Karlovac County

Discover the city through the eyes of locals. Find the best things to do, places to eat, and get priceless advice from the people who live here.

“ Visit the museum of the oldest artist-nature and see the work that was created for millions of years. Get acquainted with the way our water has been patient with this poderine pearl .....”
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“Karlovac, famous for its four rivers, is a particularly suitable place for the presentation of the natural richness of our fresh waters. Visitors can witness over 100 freshwater fish species, of which 40 are endemic.”
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BBQ Joint
“A beautiful restaurant in Rastoke, next to a restaurant with natural water and ponds. A place where you can taste homemade trout.”
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“Degenija is a pleasant family catering estabilishment, located on the main road D1 in direction Zagreb - Slunj - Plitvice lakes, 5 km before the enterance into the National park the Plitvice lakes, settlement Seliste Dreznicko. ”
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“Ivana Brlic Mazuranic is one of the most famous Croatian novelists mostly known for her fairy tales. They call her the Croatian H.C.Andersen. This is a very interesting and interactive museum you can visit dedicated to fairy tales, suitable for both children and adults. It is only a 30-minute drive.”
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Historic Site
“The medieval castle of Dubovac has been defending Karlovac for centuries. Today it tells stories in its museum, offers a nice medieval atmosphere in its restaurant, and gives the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful sunset over the city.”
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Point of Interest
“Dreznik Old town - According to historical sources, the Old town is mentioned already in 1185. Historical happenings in this area are mostly connected with constant warfare concerning borders and defense from Turkish invasion, which is why the area hadn’t developed as a market town or a settlement, but rather as a defensive fort, especially Drežnik Grad (Drežnik Castle).”
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Eastern European Restaurant
“Vrbovsko, the second largest city in the region of Gorski kotar (Mountain district A rich history resulted in valuable sacral, cultural and historical monuments and heritage that brings to this area a specific meaning. The vegetation here is rich, with large areas covered with woods, you can only hear the sounds of powerful rivers Kupa and Dobra, while Kamačnik, a true beauty, is quietly passing through the canyon. ”
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“From the first morning coffee on the big terrace with park view until the late night fun for everyone who likes the urban style of going out.”
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Natural Feature
“Klek is a mountain located near the city of Ogulin. It is most famous for the legend of the witches of Klek. It is said, that witches and other creatures gather on Klek and dance, and that their cries can be heard all the way in Ogulin during stormy nights. There is also a myth about the Klek cave. It is said that inside the cave is a treasure no man can imagine – full of gold, jewels, gems and coins and that a serpent is guarding the entrance. ”
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Pizza Place
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Cocktail Bar
“This is caffe bar & restaurant. Very nice ambience, modern, tasty food. Not too cheap.”
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“For Baračeve špilje (Baraceve caves) the plural is really appropriate. There are numerous caves which may be visited: Donja Baračeva špilja, Nova Baračeva špilja, Gornja Baračeva špilja, and Otvaranje špilja. The show cave is Gornja Baračeva špilja, which is 520m long, but only 200m are visited on the tour. The visitors are equipped with helmets and electric torches. It seems the local caving club interpreted the term "torch" literally: electric handlamps were installed in bamboo garden toches. At least they are so huge, they cant slip your mind. The river Suvaja, which runs close to the cave, is a true karst river. It disappears in a swallow hole only a few hundred meters downstream, just to reappear in a karst spring another 200m further. ”
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Art Museum
“The Homeland War Museum in Turanj is the most recent Karlovac museum. This impressive glass construction guards and preserves the original structure of the so-called California building, as well as the arms collection, photographs and various items from the Homeland War (the Croatian War of Independence). A part of the arms collection consists of a unique open-air museum, under the skies that remember all the wars in this area. And there were way too many of them. The history of Turanj is closely connected to the history of the Karlovac fort, as its outpost used to defend the Korana and Mrežnica bridges leading into the town. It was names after the ‘turans’, wooden guard towers erected along the Korana banks.”
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