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Top recommendations from locals

From sightseeing to hidden gems, find out what makes the city unique with the help of the locals who know it best.

Gourmet Shop
“Helmed by Mario Batali's parents, this cured meat haven boasts a partially open kitchen so you can watch the family roll chorizo and prep specials like hand-pulled gnocchi while you order one of their sandwiches, stuffed with the likes of soppressata and meatballs, from the to-go counter, the line for which typically stretches down the block at lunchtime.”
  • 30 locals recommend
Beer Bar
“They have a small putt putt downstairs with a huge selection of local draft beers ($5 - 6 a glass). It is bring your own food I believe. ”
  • 19 locals recommend
Coffee Shop
“The coffee is tasty and strong. The interior is nicely designed: its comfy as well as bright and spacious. It is a great pit stop of any day to spend a few minutes in and enjoy a cup of coffee. ”
  • 9 locals recommend
“Drug store with food and other stuff. You can buy growlers of local beer here! You can also buy anything from razors to a toothbrush to an umbrella. They have a pharmacy in back if you need one too.”
  • 1 local recommends
Train Station
“Yeah, its a train station. But it's just been restored and it's beau-ti--ful! Stop in and take a peek.”
  • 23 locals recommend
Bus Station
“Seattle Metro Bus service on Vashon is available Monday through Saturday. Seattle Metro buses #118 and #119 connect to Vashon and continue service on Vashon. Please note that both buses only run Monday through Saturday. If you are planning a trip to Vashon on a Sunday, the RapidRide C Line runs seven days a week and stops at the Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal. (Remember that Vashon Town is five miles south of the north end ferry terminal.) Please check to confirm your bus route and times. Enter the route number in the search bar to view schedules. Click on Weekday or Saturday/Sunday to view current schedules. ”
  • 1 local recommends
  • 1 local recommends
Art Gallery
“Pioneer Square has a lot of galleries, so if you are interested in art, be sure to check out Greg Kucera Gallery and James Harris Gallery too. On the first Thursday of the month, Galleries are open until 8PM and there are open studios and events all over Pioneer Square. Treason Gallery is the most talked about gallery in Seattle right now. They show Shepard Ferry, but also a lot of emerging artists. ”
  • 2 locals recommend
Point of Interest
“Mario Batali's father, Armandino Batali, runs this artisan cured meats and sandwich shop in PIoneer Square. The porchetta sandwich is divine. Arrive when it opens at 11am or be prepared to wait.”
  • 1 local recommends
Taco Place