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Best things to do in Novalja

Discover the city through the eyes of locals. Find the best things to do, places to eat, and get priceless advice from the people who live here.

“Like from The Beach Boys song "Welcome to Cocomo!", a club with world class style. It is located in center of Novalja and offers you an open and closed roof top at the same time. It has very attractive interior and represents a stilish club with touch of Miami, Dubai etc. This is one of my favourite places to go out, especially because of amazing music and great atmosphere. ”
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“This club is located at the place of first disco club on Zrće beach named "Disco Zrće". Except its location, today Aquarius is nothing alike it's previous disco. This place is very attractive due to its pools. In 2008. it was one of the best clubs in region, and from than on it stayed recognized for its after beach parties accompanied with famous sentence from animator: "watch what you're doing" ;) ”
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“This is for sure one very attractive club next to Zrće beach, moreover because it's located above the sea :) You can literally jump in the sea from the club or maybe enjoy in great music while sunbathing in a net above the sea during the day. Whatever you choose, I believe you'd find something unordinary and unique at this place :)”
9local recommendations
Seafood Restaurant
“Restaurant Starac i more is situated in the center of Novalja. Great place with amazing food.”
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“Bar in the center of Novalja, beautiful interior, here you can drink morning cafe with a beautiful view and at night you can prepare for party drinking cocktails, wine, beer and other.”
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Mediterranean Restaurant
“Truly amazing restaurant to try all Mediterranean food, with excellent fish and some amazing traditional dishes from Novalja. Don't miss up to taste it :) ”
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“5th on the list of best Dalmatian restaurants, 18th on a list of best Croatian restaurants”
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“Ovaj klub postoji već dvadesetak godina i najstariji je na plaži Zrće. Nalazi se uz more u prekrasnoj borovoj šumi. Mladima nudi lude noćne provode.”
2local recommendations
“It serves daily menues, choice of local dishes. Centraly located in Novalja, and maybe better rates than elswhere in Novalja.”
3local recommendations