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Top recommendations from locals

From sightseeing to hidden gems, find out what makes the city unique with the help of the locals who know it best.

“Popular with locals and people visiting the area. Always busy, especially when the sun is out. Great spot by the river and nice walks close by down the river.”
  • 14 locals recommend
“Where Tolkien and Lewis strolled The grounds and buildings were beautiful - well-kept and majestic. The Tower stands as it did in the 16th century, the Cloisters were serene, and the Chapel is still in operation. The highlight for me was Addison's Walk. Imagine: both CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien strolled here, while discussing the finer points of myth and metaphor. There are deer grazing freely along the walk. Apparently there is also a lamp post somewhere on the grounds that may have been the inspiration for the lamp post in "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe"!”
  • 14 locals recommend
“Historic city, home to the red brick university. Dynamic Beautiful Full of attractions”
  • 141 locals recommend
“This real medieval castle is well worth a visit or you take a tour. You can walk to the top for a great view of the city. Very easy to get to as its located in the centre of town. There are also great restaurants and bars in the castle environs. ”
  • 12 locals recommend
“Historic Oxford; Edward Burne Jones windows - Evensong at 6pm -atmosphere and of course, Christchurch College, in which it sits.”
  • 13 locals recommend
“A beautiful english greenhouse setting, breakfast, lunch or dinner! My favourite is Sunday brunch after a walk around University Parks.”
  • 18 locals recommend
“The Sheldonian Theatre, located in Oxford, England, was built from 1664 to 1669 after a design by Christopher Wren for the University of Oxford. The building is named after Gilbert Sheldon, chancellor of the University at the time and the project's main financial backer. Great place to listen to music”
  • 14 locals recommend
College Residence Hall
“Bus 1, 5, 10, 12, T1, U5 BROOKESbus (bus takes approx 8 minutes). 5 minute walk down East Avenue. Bus stops all along Cowley Rd.”
  • 16 locals recommend
“Open green space over 50 acres with paths and children's playground, plus views over the city”
  • 15 locals recommend
“This place is an institution. The burgers are great and it's been a student favourite for ages. ”
  • 20 locals recommend
“A large reserve of natural hilly woodland overlooking Oxford, great for walking, hill running and trail biking. ”
  • 14 locals recommend
Italian Restaurant
“Lively dining room and open kitchen serving classic Med dishes including pizza, plus takeaway. ”
  • 10 locals recommend
Bus Station
“Oxford City boasts of many parks in and around the City. Best to google to find parks of interest. Oxford University Botanical Gardens also harbour plant species from most parts of the world. ”
  • 11 locals recommend
“This is a drive away but on route to the M40 London bound. Located in headington, this serves an excellent brunch with locally sourced ingredients. its sister pub (also serving brunch) is located in Wolvercote - a 15/20 min drive in the other direction.”
  • 15 locals recommend
“This old theatre can be found opposite the Ashmolean museum in the centre of town. Performances take place in the evening and daytime (matinees). Check out their website for current information. Enjoy! ”
  • 12 locals recommend
“Oxford’s food aficionados believe this used to be the best restaurant in the city. When the magnificent Charles Michel was still about town, he’d frequent the pub. So too did the Oxford Gastronomica lot, who know a thing or two about eating. When it launched, the Rickety Press was a low-key, food-focused restaurant with fine cooking and ideas you’d struggle to match unless you went out into The Cotswolds, or down to Henley. Now, it’s had a bit of a makeover and it seems to be more geared towards a crowd that wishes it were in London but still has a year at university to contend with. Pizza and burgers – but good ones. ”
  • 17 locals recommend