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Best things to do in Milano

Discover the city through the eyes of locals. Find the best things to do, places to eat, and get priceless advice from the people who live here.

Monument / Landmark
“The area surrounding Porta Ticinese is a historic quartiere of Milan; it has its coat of arms, a three-legged red stool on a silver background. The district is part of the Navigli area of Milan, which is rich of monuments, tourist attractions, night life, and more, and qualifies as one of the most important areas of Milan outside the historic centre. It includes the notable Basilica of Sant'Eustorgio, a basilica that was established in the middle ages and restored several times through the centuries, so that the original romanesque structure has been complemented with Renaissance elements. Sant'Eustorgio is located in a well known city park called Parco delle Basiliche, which also includes another prominent basilica, that of San Lorenzo. Nearby are also the Colonne di San Lorenzo, which are among the best preserved Roman ruins in Milan. The plaza where the Colonne di San Lorenzo are located is also one of the key places of the so-called "Milanese movida", i.e., night-life.”
36local recommendations
“International Supermarket small shops all near ... can be good price, nice walk to go , closest market from the door, you can find mostly everything ... recommended... ”
41local recommendations
Point of Interest
“ mercato comunale (frutta e verdura, carne, pane, etc.). street market, if you are looking for fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, bread...”
23local recommendations
Breakfast Spot
“For a good breakfast or a brunch outside in the beautiful frame of Piazza Sant'Eustorgio”
28local recommendations
“Pharmacy always open tel.02 8940 3433 - 850 meters on foot (11 minutes) - Or TRAM 9 for 3 stops (10 minutes)”
10local recommendations
“Musica dal vivo, dehor riscaldato e location imperdibile. Live music, heated dehor, and a special location!”
19local recommendations
“Great street food spot, especially for meatatarian. Excellent meat you won't miss it.”
8local recommendations
“Milanese sandwich chain. The sandwiches are great, very stuffy but quite expensive. tel.02 5810 3461 - 850mt. on foot (10 minutes) - Or TRAM 9 for 3 stops (9 minutes)”
18local recommendations
Snack Place
“This is a fish shop but you can also eat fish cooked for you. Near Darsena, Navigli”
7local recommendations
“Founded in IV century from XIII century the church became the main center of Dominican Order in the city”
6local recommendations
“Best Brunch Ever! Saturdays or Sundays brunch, or if you want a big yummy breakfast any other day of the week : )”
10local recommendations
“panini e piatti della tradizione ebraica, dai sapori raffinati. grande varietà di scelta di bagel”
4local recommendations
Cupcake Shop
“Italian breakfast is a simple ritual: coffee or cappuccino and a croissant. De Cherubini, a historical old style cafè with its excellent fresh pastries, is the perfect place where to experience it!”
7local recommendations
Italian Restaurant
“Nice restaurant in a tranquil square near a church, you can sit outside to enjoy dinner ”
7local recommendations
Cocktail Bar
“A pure gentlemans' club: furniture comes from all over the world and atmosphere is simply the best. White scrubs over a central bar will mix potions and secret recipes fro the perfect drink. Anything Gimlet is just amazing. Trivia: anything you see is to buy - lamps, coffres, bottles, riding boots!”
5local recommendations
“An American Bakery, a great place to eat club sandwiches, muffins and donuts. ”
7local recommendations