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Best things to do in Richmond

Discover the city through the eyes of locals. Find the best things to do, places to eat, and get priceless advice from the people who live here.

“A great spot to watch the sunset - free and fun to walk into to look at the flowers as well ”
60 locals recommend
Historic Site
“Interesting history of Richmond and the war, plus a beautiful walking path and gorgeous views! ”
22 locals recommend
“Beautiful and unusual park set in a stunning nook of the Berkeley Hills. Enjoy an uphill urban hike from Downtown Berkeley amongst stunning architecture and plant life. Arrive at Indian Rock park for sweeping views of the bay and San Francisco from atop a massive boulder. ”
62 locals recommend
“There is a closer entrance at the end of Clark Road. only 5 minute drive from us.”
24 locals recommend
“Dog friendly trail right by the water with a great view of the city. Grab some coffee and food at the "Sit and Stay" coffee shop. ”
23 locals recommend
Coffee Shop
“If you want some of the best coffee in the neighborhood, you gotta head over to Catahoula Coffee Co.!! ”
22 locals recommend
“It is a beautiful little town that is only a very short drive away. With plenty of cafes, restaurants, shops and bars to explore. Not to mention all the cute homes that are strewn throughout the hill sides.”
17 locals recommend
Warehouse Store
“Local Costco and Costco Gas. It can be a zoo any day of the week. Great bay walking trail just passed the building.”
9 locals recommend
Pizza Place
“Order online or by phone. Be prepared for 45 minute cook time if you order a deep dish pizza.”
42 locals recommend
Movie Theatre
“Dinner theater! Great for kids and adults alike, fun local spot with movies and pretty good dinner (pizzas, salads, sandwiches, beer, etc.)”
47 locals recommend
Natural Feature
“In the summer, its a great place to be, but get there early or you may have to park far away, but usually it's not too bad. You can also go later in the day like 5pm and still get a swim in. Walk the dogs around the lake too. or go in the off season for a walk around the lake and just experience some peace and quiet”
20 locals recommend
“It is located right on the water and has incredible views. It's an out of the way, cool place to visit.”
15 locals recommend
“Cozy dive bar with friendly clientele and bartenders. Drinks are inexpensive and there's usually a taco truck that serves great food parked in the parking lot.”
31 locals recommend
“Cute little animal farm in one of the Bay Area's best hiking parks. 12 min taxi/rideshare away”
16 locals recommend
“What on earth is this fancy Merry-Go-Round doing in a park in the Berkeley Hills? Well, they had to put it somewhere. There are also snacks and coffee inside, but don't expect the cafe quality you would find in town.”
32 locals recommend
Tapas Restaurant
“Lovely selection of cocktails and delicious Latin influenced tapas. Happy Hour has a nice selection. $$”
32 locals recommend