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Top recommendations from locals

From sightseeing to hidden gems, find out what makes the city unique with the help of the locals who know it best.

Capitol Building
“The heaviest building on the planet. Briefly held the record for the largest chandelier, but that is nowadays a record conceded to India. Briefly held the record for the largest carpet in the world. An impressive example of communist megalomania. ”
  • 161 locals recommend
“One of the most beautiful and oldest parks of Bucharest, located very close to the city centre. Perfect for a relaxing stroll, for jogging or a ride with a small rowboat on the lake.”
  • 112 locals recommend
Romanian Restaurant
“Romanian food the quality is very good and is located on the old Town place that you can eat and after go exactly to party. ”
  • 140 locals recommend
Shopping Mall
“The most beautiful mall in Bucharest, AFI Palace Cotroceni, at 15 minutes walking distance.”
  • 44 locals recommend
“The Romanian National History Museum continues to be one of the representative institutions of Romanian culture, holding a very valuable fund of mobile heritage assets illustrating all the significant periods in the past of the Romanian people and the civilizations that existed in the past territory of our country. The rich heritage includes over 650,000 pieces (a number that increases annually and among which are remarkable objects), organized in the following collections: ceramics, lapidarium-tegularium, numismatics, philately, medal-sigilography, thesaurus, manuscripts, prints, decorative, historical photobook, stamps, maps, metal, weapons and equipment, textiles and furniture.”
  • 40 locals recommend
“This is Hipster Central. If you intended to hit the hipster mother-load, this is the spot.”
  • 76 locals recommend
Art Museum
“Founded in 2001, the National Museum of Contemporary Art of Romania (MNAC Bucharest) has grown into a lively institution, dedicated to exhibiting, researching, and promoting Romanian contemporary art. Located in a building with strong symbolic meaning, the Palace of the Parliament – known in the 1980s as the People’s House, MNAC Bucharest has the largest space dedicated to contemporary art from Romania, where it produces shows of relevant local and international artists, while valorizing its own collections in a holistic approach of visual culture. Being the heir of several institutions from the mid 20th century, MNAC has a patrimony of over thirty thousand works of art, documentary files, photographs and negatives, subject to continuous research, organisation and public exposure.”
  • 36 locals recommend
“The music selection is very nice, patio comes with air-conditioner, food is awesome and after midnight they serve some really delicious pizza!”
  • 31 locals recommend
“Great food and great drinks in a very cool area right now. You have to get the french fries. They are like your mummy used to cock it. :)”
  • 42 locals recommend
“One of the youngest park of Bucharest, good views, reasonably priced food stands which also sell beer, good for a quick visit before Parliament Palace. The land where is now Izvor Park have a tumultuous history, being destined by Ceausescu to another purpose. Here it was a demolition of a monastery and many houses, including an old palace, the Palace of State Archives. Ceausescu wanted to have here a Conference Room and Receptions, being very close to the People Palace - now the Parliament Palace. After the Revolution from 1989, after many purposes for this land, the General Town Hall of Bucharest decided to use this land for Izvor Park.”
  • 17 locals recommend
Coffee Shop
“I Kid you NOT! This is the best coffee you will ever drink. Strada Lipscani nr 9, Sector 5, Bucuresti; Cod poștal 050071”
  • 30 locals recommend
Roof Deck
“One of the coolest sky bars. It's a must during the winter, when they have igloos. ”
  • 16 locals recommend
Romanian Restaurant
“tasty tradional food. Good option for lunch (special menu) and romanian breakfast”
  • 18 locals recommend
“The opera house is large enough that you can admire from distance. It looks good and it is enhanced by the greenery that surrounds the lake. Being fairly new , the exterior architecture is an urban footprint from the communist beginnings of 50s. The first show staged in this building was played on January 9, 1954. It was "Queen of Spades" by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.”
  • 13 locals recommend
“Superb park with amazing landscapes. Make sure you take your girl out on the lake!”
  • 13 locals recommend
“Great traditional food & atmosphere. Romanian songs and traditional dance live shows. Beautifully decorated.”
  • 14 locals recommend