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Best things to do in Setagaya City

Discover the city through the eyes of locals. Find the best things to do, places to eat, and get priceless advice from the people who live here.

Art Museum
“Dating from the early Showa period in the 1920s, this Japanese building shows signs of influence from Western architecture. Inside, the spacious exhibition hall seems to stretch on endlessly, whetting one’s appetite for its treasures. The displays have a distinctive Showa flavor—a glimpse into an interesting era of Japan’s development. Right after opening or before closing, there are fewer people, so you can have a relaxing tour. At those times, it’s quiet enough to hear the wooden floor creak under your feet, which adds to the retro ambience.”
6 locals recommend
“the park includes an outdoor athletic and soccer venue, the Komazawa Olympic Park Stadium, the Komazawa Gymnasium and multiple additional soccer, baseball, swimming, tennis, jogging, and cycling facilities.This park is huge and comfortable. In sunny weekends there are many people having fun. For cyclists this is a great place to do some training at least at an amateur level. There are three children's parks, where kids can have fun. Each area has a different animal theme: a horse park, a pig park and a squirrel park. You can come alone and spend quiet time and relax, you can come with your friends and have an o”
23 locals recommend
“For those who speak / read Japanese and are interested in modern Japanese literature this small museum is a treasure house.”
3 locals recommend
“It is 9 minutes on foot from home. In addition to fountain plaza, Mini SL is running in the park. It is 70,000 square meters wide, ideal for a walk or jogging!”
11 locals recommend
Coffee Shop
“The cafe where I began my coffee lover life. Best of best coffee shop in Japan, but take care, No photo is prohibited by stoic legendary balista, Mr. Katsuyuki Tanaka.”
9 locals recommend
“Very popular Tokyo style ramen shop,it looks plain ramen,but It isn't a plain. It's shell flavor soup ramen,so it's different from common popular ramen soup likes Tonkotsu soup. ※The Map is incorrectly,but I don't know why!. Please google it.”
9 locals recommend
Clothing Store
“"UNIQLO" is a famous Japanese fast fashion retailer. i personally like their underwear and baby cloths are good quality”
8 locals recommend
“Here are held various activities such as world-class ballet performances, concerts, drama, dance, and opera. For those of you who are interested in their activities, can be viewed online show schedule as well as the purchase of tickets can be made online. ”
8 locals recommend
Sublocality Level 2
“Komazawa-park is the famous place as running spot, and for cherry blossoms on early April.”
5 locals recommend
“One of the campuses of Tokyo University. A secret, local place for a quieter hanami/cherry blossom experience. ”
10 locals recommend
1 local recommends
Hobby Shop
“Variety Shop. You can get any special fancy stuff over there. My recommendation.”
9 locals recommend
“There is a cycling, jogging courses and the training room in the Komazawa Olympik park. It’s entire length is about 2.1 km. ”
13 locals recommend
Sublocality Level 1
“There are many numbers of apparel stores and restaurants. Often considered as one of the most desirable places to live in Tokyo. Access: NishiNippori stn(Yamanote line)--Shibuya(TokyuToyoko line)--Jiyugaoka stn.”
8 locals recommend
“cool cosy little bar bordering on the cramped side in which you can smoke shisha and talk and make friends with locals.”
5 locals recommend
Shopping Mall
“This is shopping mall. It is inspired by Venice, Italy. You can feel atmosphere like in Italy. ”
3 locals recommend