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Top recommendations from locals

“Inside this library is a Chihuly chandelier that is breathtaking. It is the kind he raised over the canals of Venice. You can see it outside of the library just looking into the building, and you can go into the sanctuary where it hangs which is a reading area. It will blow your socks off. Locals Tip: Since Tacoma is his home town, the famous artists glasswork is also featured at Union Station, The Swiss, and even the McDonalds in downtown Tacoma across from the jail. Yes, really. Kinda blows my mind that the world best known glass artist, the Tiffany of our time has a piece of work hanging in the McDonalds. Not sure of the story behind it, but the City has a walking map of all of the spots to take in his work.”
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“there's free wifi all around - but if you really need a quiet place this is it ”
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