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Best shops in Taipei

Scenic Lookout
“High end shopping mall where you can get almost anything. Also a lot of ATMs available here.”
100 locals recommend
Department Store
“Famous clubs and bars: AI Nightclub and Frank Taipei are located in this building. There are also tons of shopping and restaurants available. The restaurants are super popular, it is recommended to come here an hour early to get seats first. 知名夜店AI Nightclub與Frank Taipei都在此, 另外還有許多美食餐廳與購物中心. 由於餐廳過度受歡迎, 建議提早一個小時先來拿座位”
43 locals recommend
“The famous 24-hrs bookstore. Just walk around the Ren-Ai circle, you can get there!!!”
50 locals recommend
Fish Market
“dank-ass fish market. taiwan's version of tsukiji. MUST GO It's an upscale live seafood market, gourmet food supermarket, sushi bar, oyster bar, seafood bar, hot pot restaurant, seafood barbecue restaurant, and flower market all packed into a 1,983 square meter space in Taipei. The seafood is fresh and incredibly delicious. ”
44 locals recommend
“Excellent Bookstore in Taipei. Enjoy some of the newest books. They also have the largest collection of english tittles and in Taipei ”
24 locals recommend
Clothing Store
“You know you are in Asia with this market style fashion street. Great for those who love to stroll”
31 locals recommend
Shopping Mall
“Joining the world's top brands, a spacious shopping environment, and friendly service, Breeze Center has become the benchmark for cutting edge fashion in Taipei's retail world. ”
19 locals recommend
“Theater, Bookstore, Creative Park, Hotel, Pond, Food, Design Museum, Former Tobacco & Liquor Factory. ”
22 locals recommend
Outlet Mall
“Great shopping center. Lots of Japanese clothing brands and over ten Japanese gourmet cuisines. It also includes VIESHOW Cinemas, The Eslite Spectrum and JASONS Market. ”
7 locals recommend
Electronics Store
“the Digital Plaza is a complex of several multi stories building hosting shops for all sort of electronics. The whole neighbourhood is dedicated to the same merchandise, you can also find some second hand. Because the area attracts many visitors, there are plenty of restaurants and food stalls.”
28 locals recommend
Department Store
“a big collection of books in both Chinese and English, many small shops inside the same building selling Taiwanese specialty”
2 locals recommend
“Undoubtedly the center of all things Taipei, Dongqu is the area along and just off of Zhongxiao East Road (忠孝東路) between Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station and Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall. ”
18 locals recommend
“Flea Market Concept -Food and drinks stall found all over -Triangle Bar/club is also to be found here -very popular with students and tourists”
10 locals recommend
Department Store
“This is Taipei's most renowned bookshop, with locations all over town. The flagship Dunhua S Rd location is open 24 hours. The Xinyi Branch is the largest bookstore in Taiwan and the B2 level is dedicated to local designs, including innovative jewellery, bags, shoes, stationery, knick-knacks and home furnishings.”
5 locals recommend
Shopping Mall
3 locals recommend
Shopping Mall
1 local recommends