Granville Island
Neighbourhood in Vancouver
What Airbnb hosts say
An incredible neighbourhood - Granville Island is a collection of shops, galleries, cafes, restaurants, independent vendors, book stores, live theatre & music venues - all mixed in with marine stores, a bit of old industry, and many locals and tourists. Vancouverites LOVE Granville Island, even though tourists flock here. It is home to Vancouver's largest public market and no matter if you live here or you are a tourist you just can't help but love this converted industrial warehouse island that is now the heartbeat of the city. You can stroll for hours in either direction along the shoreline too and the views across the water to downtown are amazing. Take the tiny False Creek Ferry to get around the harbour, the boats hold a handful of people, and have many stops - it is a charming part of Vancouver's public transit system used by many locals.
From Steve