Orin & Kendra's Guidebook

Orin & Kendra
We're from Seattle, Washington in the USA. Things we like to do: travel, hike, read, play and listen to music (we played in a couple of country bands back home). We've found Airbnb to be such a gre... read more

Things to do in Seattle

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One of the most popular parks in Seattle. Have a barbecue, build a bonfire, enjoy a sunset, and say hi to the beavers who live at the north end in the wetland area. During the summer, parking is im... read more

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For the oyster lovers out there: this is the only place you need to go. Ever. The decor and service are classy yet unpretentious. If you prompt the servers, you will learn more than you ever imagin... read more

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They're not open all the time, and they may not have a wide selection, but trust us - sweet or savory, you want their baked goods.


Discovery Park

Parks & NatureParks
3801 Discovery Park Blvd·Map·Hours·Website·

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This is a large park with lots of trails. Follow them around to the sandy beach and find the old lighthouse. It gets busy on the weekends, but if you hit it right, it will feel like you're in the f... read more

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Seattle's history is fantastically displayed in this museum. The museum features beautifully put-together exhibits. Don't miss the display of Seattle's Great Fire. You won't regret it!

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La Isla

Food SceneRestaurants
$$· 2320 NW Market St·Map·Hours·Website·

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This place serves consistently good Puerto Rican food.f you get a full meal, you will almost definitely have leftovers. What might seem like a pricy meal often turns into 2 or 3 meals. Instant savi... read more

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This place is good for locally sourced food, and even better, it's the closest brunch place in walking distance, and it's never disappointed! Pro tip: pancake/waffle topping bar! It's always packed... read more

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Skillet serves food that seems to be what northwesterners think people eat in the south. It might seem a bit odd, but we've never had a bad meal there. Great for brunch, lunch, or dinner.


Pestle Rock

Food SceneRestaurants
$$· 2305 NW Market St·Map·Hours·Website·

24 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Very authentic Thai food - some of the best we've found in the city, and definitely the best within walking distance to our place!

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Some of the best coffee in town. If you're really interested in coffee, don't miss the slow bar. You can choose which preparation of coffee you prefer, and your barista will make it and explain the... read more

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Great cocktails (on the pricy side, but fancy) in a quirky tiny bar. Good for dates. Sometimes they have a DJ spinning odd music at night.

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An old Ballard business that serves solid bar food and stiff drinks. Great happy hour specials. Have you ever wanted to eat one barbecue rib? Now you probably can't stop thinking about it. Go here.... read more

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You can watch the unique locks system for boats to move from the Puget Sound into Lake Union. There is a sizeable garden, and during the right season, you can even watch the salmon through glass wi... read more

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Straight up burgers and fish n' chips. They also serve good milkshakes. It's a nice start or finish to a walk in the Locks across the street.

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Learn about Ballard's history as a Scandinavian fishing village, and its reluctance to be incorporated into the city of Seattle.

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The museum is located in beautiful Volunteer Park. Learn about the rich history of Asian-Americans in Seattle. There are constantly fantastic traveling exhibits.

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Rain or shine, every Sunday. See a selection of local wares, including produce, meat, dairy, and art. Street performers are also a common sight.


Carkeek Park

Parks & NatureParks
950 NW Carkeek Park Rd·Map·Hours·Website·

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Drive down a windy road to find Carkeek Park in a gully. The park has short trails in the woods and around some wetlands, and finally a sandy beach reached by walking on an overpass over the train ... read more

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It's a neighborhood favorite. You'll find locals there all the time. They have games and music some nights, and also serve beer, wine, and ice cream.

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Solid Italian-style espresso. It's slightly less busy than the ever-popular Ballard Coffee Works. The interior is very pleasantly spare and fancy at the same time. Kendra is nerdily very excited th... read more

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Quick, cheap, and delicious. Pho in various forms is the only thing on the menu. You can get a small size for about $6, and all the pho comes with a free cream puff. Possibly the best deal for a qu... read more

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This place is one of the oldest businesses in Ballard, and we hope it never goes away. It's a diner on one side, and a bar on the other. Go here for cheap, stiff drinks, service by wonderful women,... read more

5 local Airbnb hosts recommend

It's a fancy scotch bar! Also attached to a fish n' chips place. Nice decor inside. It's a fun place that gets quite lively on the weekends.



EssentialsGrocery Stores
5700 24th Ave NW·Map·Hours·Website·

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10-minute walk from our house. This place will have all your basic needs covered. We like their "under $5" cheese basket.



Food SceneRestaurants
$$· 5313 Ballard Ave NW·Map·Hours·Website·

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Ballard is full of bars and restaurants that present as upscale and chic - sometimes it's hard to tell whether you're getting your money's worth. Gracia has certainly delivered, in our opinion. Her... read more



5484 Shilshole Ave NW·Map·Hours·Website·

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Push/Pull is a great little art space that features local art, with heavy emphasis on local cartoonists. They also have a variety of community classes, including cartooning for teens, art critique ... read more

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This unassuming little plaza contains a few things: Kendra's favorite fish n' chips from Little Chinook's, an excellent and reasonably priced fish market, a solid pub called the Highliner, and a be... read more