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About Us: We have been living downtown for about 7 years. Kiki has lived in the GTA all her life and Michael is from South Africa. We love tech: videogames, Apple products etc. We live next door to... read more

Things to do in Toronto

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Beautiful in the fall and summer. If you get a chance to go on a week day take it because this place gets packed on the weekends! Take a leisurely and scenic walk and lie down on a patch of grass t... read more

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OMG CN tower so crazy! I know! But its by far the most iconic place in all of Toronto! If you have the time or are celebrating a special occasion head to 360 for a nice lunch or a spectacular dinne... read more

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Home of some of the yummiest food in Toronto as well as some of the best ethnic grocery stores. Dont buy into the churros hype (unless you are 100% only there for churros, then do you) Wanda',Swee... read more

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An interesting district on Toronto, that appears different to the rest of the city. Things feel slower to me but in a classy kind of way. Very touristy, I would suggest taking pics and seeing some ... read more

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This neighbourhood was where Kiki's family moved after WWII... And they liked it so much she stayed! Chinatown is known for its cheap groceries, multitude of colourful restaurants and weird conveni... read more

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As a city we are trying to be better with our coffee and Jimmy's is a fine example of our efforts. It's iconic yellow lid can be seen on serious coffee drinkers and I feel a sense of respect I just... read more

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If you like Pad Thai or Green Curry come here, it is the closest restaurant to us and is very popular for locals and foodie tourists. I always suggest going in early 11- 11:30 for lunch and 5:30 fo... read more

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If you have the choice between seeing a movie here or at Dundas Square please choose this theatre. Its much better run and for some reason guests at this theatre behave much better. Try the gourmet... read more

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I'm all for a late morning weekend walk to Bellwoods in the summer. It's not too far away but it can take hours to get to if you are passing through the crowds and shops along Queen West. But on th... read more


Le Sélect Bistro

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$$$· 432 Wellington St W·Map·Hours·Website·

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French brunch. While is does serve other meals their brunch is by far the best. Its almost the same distance that it takes to get to Cora's but please, do yourself a favour and choose Le Select!

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If you're gonna have some vietnamese food go to Ossington. We are on team Golden Turtle but some people swear by Pho Tien Tan. Honestly they are both good. But we love how fresh everything taste. B... read more

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If you are here in the summer why not go to Centre Island? Its right here and people constantly tell me how much they wish they went more come October. Take the ferry or if you dont like crowds gra... read more

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After you eat here, you will never be tempted to go to its neighbour, McDonalds again. Must try: Fried Chicken Bao. Please its amazing... Just try it.

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Families and curious people check out the science centre, its kind of far, but its really interesting, there is a ton of hands on activities to do and everyone can benefit from understanding how st... read more

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I give this place a lot of grief but its actually a decent pub. Complete with note worthy schnitzel and a fine plethora of beers. This place is the chill and less pretentious version of The Bier Ma... read more

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If Bellwoods is too main stream for you may I suggest the new hipster zone of Parkdale/ Roncey! Packed with cool little bars, great restaurants and grouchy old locals who are can see the first wave... read more


Sansotei Ramen

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179 Dundas Street West·Map·Hours·Website·

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Everyone has a favourite ramen place and this is Kiki's favourite. Order the black garlic pork ramen and some sake or just a large glass of water and you won't be disappointed, unless your from Ja... read more


Noodle Bar

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$$$· 190 University Ave·Map·Hours·Website·

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Its a cool experience everyone can appreciate. Get some baos, a ramen and maybe grab a cookie from upstairs for a midnight snack. It's not a bad way to end the night, or wake up to. Shoto and Daish... read more

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Nothing like a good board game sess. While their food and drinks arent anything to write home about the selection of games is astounding and they had game masters that will recommend your new favou... read more

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Toronto boasts an impressive amount of gourmet ice cream shops. I should know I've tried them all! Sweet Olenka's is honestly my fav. It's not the most popular, but that just means you dont have to... read more

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This divebar is literally between two buildings so its only open when its warm enough. Do not expect any fancy mixed drinks, they have orange juice, cranberry juice and pop. Thursdays is everything... read more

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If you like dirt cheap but wholesome and soul fulfilling Chinese food this is the place you got to try. Whether your ordering a hot bucket of congee (recc: beef) or ordering some less-than authenti... read more

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If you want a sit down Japanese restuarant in the low-mid price range To-Ne has decent sushi and hot food. Its usually pretty busy with locals zooming in and out to get takeaways for dinner.

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Family, couple, groups of friends- great for all. If you just want a good breakfast that has decent portions then I suggest What a Bagel, its close, they have a large patio and one of those menus t... read more

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It occurs to me that I haven't put up any late night yumyums. As a Canadian I'm proud of poutine, the best food for a cold night or whenever... Dont use the cold as an excuse, if you have never had... read more



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$· 504 Adelaide St W·Map·Hours·Website·

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Legit Tacos

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These pizzas are in my top 5 pies in the city. Decent dough but the toppings are nicely put together.... if your family drags you to a pizza place and you would much rather have a very large flat b... read more


Lai Wah Heen

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$$$$· 108 Chestnut Street·Map·Hours·Website·

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Fancy Chinese Food at it's Finest! I love Chinese food, probably has something to do with it filling my soul without draining my wallet. On any given day this place is filled with suits expensing ... read more

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They make the icecream in front of you! Oddly soothing and definitely worthy of a video snap this place can only serve three orders at a time. Share an icecream between two people. I've spoken to t... read more

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Grab and go hot sandwiches that you'll be dreaming of the next day! Once you go there once, it will take all your will power to not go back the next day! If you're extra hungry try the potato wedge... read more