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My name is Blair and I'm glad you are interested in this house. I've lived in Seattle my entire life, and would be happy to help you plan your trip. Please let me know if you have any questio... read more
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Things to do in Seattle

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Seahawks, Sounders, or any other event that could be taking place at CenturyLink field. Always use Airport way south if you have a car, or take bus #106 straight to the Stadium district.

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This bakery is awesome! A pretty big selection of pastries and breakfast items Ridiculously good. All the pastries and baked items seemed reasonably priced in the $2.5-$4 range.

78 local Airbnb hosts recommend

The food is good, the wait staff is super friendly, the wait is short, and they have some friendly vegetarian (not vegan) options. It is worth the wait


Brass Tacks

Food SceneRestaurants
$$· 6031 Airport Way S·Map·Hours·Website·

18 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Terrific place. Great food and drink. Super service. Low on $, have a Rainier Tall Boy- 1 buck happy hour, $2 buck regular. Live music. Georgetown has it going on.


9lb Hammer

Drinks & NightlifeBars
$· 6009 Airport Way S·Map·Hours·Website·

16 local Airbnb hosts recommend

It is the perfect quaint, homey, little neighborhood store. You can wonder in and find yourself going home with an invite to a bbq, the neighborhood going-ons, and a discussion about some obscure film

28 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Columbia City has the highest Walk Score of any neighborhood south of downtown, and a fun atmosphere. It’s all concentrated in one area, the people here love to support the local businesses

12 local Airbnb hosts recommend

If you're looking for a good breakfast/lunch near Georgetown with a small, independent coffee-shop-style atmosphere then this place is for you. Unique charm & character

11 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Great turn of the century feel.....only because that's when it was built. Good food good service and in an area that's filled with eclectic restaurants, bars, and shops.

10 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Via Tribunali has great wood fired Neapolitan pizza. The ingredients are crazy fresh. The vibe of the place is appropriately Georgetowny meaning it's just a bit industrial and run down in a cool way

16 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Georgetown is about five miles from the heart of the city and is considered Seattle’s oldest residential neighborhood. Make your way through Georgetown on your way to Seattle. It's worth it!

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Brand new huge wine tasting

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Just 1 of many breweries in, and around the South Seattle Area. Awesome spot to have a great craft beer before the game, or just heading into or out of downtown.



EssentialsGrocery Stores
$$· 3900 S Othello St·Map·Hours·Website·

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Your local Safeway is the place to shop! Come in and be inspired, your favorites are always in stock. They promise low prices and great quality, and they're in the neighborhood.

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Awesome brewery, and you can bring the kidos...They just started serving food, and for a brewery it is fantastic! Have a great brew, and a quick bite.

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The commitment to exceptional cup quality, freshness, and excellent service has earned Fonté accolades from award-winning chefs, been voted "the best micro-coffee roaster in the Northwest"


Beacon Pub

5609 Rainier Ave S·Map·

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Cool chill spot that is inviting, full bar, full kitchen and plenty of local favs to sip back with. The joint is classy, you will be surprized refreshingly with a nice selection of draft beers

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More of a small-town feel than what you’d expect for such a large neighborhood, but the business district is one of the coolest around. The most popular area is called the Junction, and California Ave