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Lucky enough to have traveled and lived all over the world and is one of my all time favorite pass times. My family is from Afghanistan. I am a little bit of East and Modern West muddled up ;) I... read more
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In the fall I love going here for their amazing atmosphere and delicious french onion soup. Literally one block away from the house and they serve food late!

97 local Airbnb hosts recommend

This place was made for brunch. Get here early and skip the long lines. On Saturdays and Sundays they make GIANT homemade cinnamon rolls. Lunch favorite is the Kale Caesar salad with friend chicken

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Great food. I love their salsa trio and guacamole. Multiple sightings of Bobby Flay when he comes to town at this local spot.

59 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Old school pub has won multiple awards. You can play bocce balls here. Be mind full of the weekends here as it can get pretty busy and rowdy.

52 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Amazing food. Delicious and rare draft beers and specialty cocktails. Super friendly staff. They make one of the best burgers on the hill. My favorite drink here is the missed opportunity.

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Great small local restaurant. The owners are amazing. Excellent both for a quick bite and sit down. They make an amazing bagel jalapeno bagel with egg and cheese sandwich that is both reasonable an... read more

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Great space tucked away across from the century ballroom. You can make a great night out by having dinner here and dancing across the hall at the Century Ballroom

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Here is our largest and best bookstores. They often have special readings on Saturday and Sunday afternoons

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My favorite apothecary. Feeling under the weather or need a quick pick me up. She has everything you need. Some of the best chocolates, spices, teas and herbs in town. The salt collection is amazing

7 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Local boutique filled with great gifts from independent artists. They are famous for their locally made clothes, underwear and jewelery.