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Toronto's main rail and subway transportation points. Travelers coming from Pearson Airport via the Union-Pearson Express (UP express) will arrive here. Also travelers using the free shuttle from B... read more

Union Station is the primary railway station and intercity transportation facility in Toronto. The Union Pearson Express travels between Union Station and Toronto Pearson International Airport in 2... read more

You can arrive from the airport shuttle into Union, walk to Tourism Ontario, and then have a snack at McDonald's or Tim Horton's coffee shop before you either catch an Uber or Taxi on the street, o... read more

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Billy Bishop is the Island Airport & close to the City Center. Experience the new tunnel that takes you from the mainland to the island in 6 minutes. It's a 20 minute taxi ride to the condo

Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport is a small international airport located on the Toronto Islands in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Use this airport to fly in and out of the city, or overlook a breathta... read more

Home hub for Porter Airline, connecting to major cities in the northeast America. Complimentary shuttle to Union Station, and no more than 5 min taxi ride from/to my place. Also the hub for an avia... read more

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Closest subway stop to the condo - right at the intersection of University avenue and King Street West!

The king street car is only a few steps away. It runs East- West and can take you to St Andrew subway station.

This subway stop is your nearest station to get around the city, that is if you decide to venture out of the core. Everything within distance of the residence is all walkable :).

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Getting around Toronto is very simple with our public transportation. I find it easier than bikes or car.

Subway Station going North/South. To go East or West, take the Northbound train to Bloor station and transfer.

$3.25 one way, no matter the distance. You can also get day passes if you are getting off and on more than a few times that day. Pick up a transfer ticket (red machines right after the turn styles)... read more

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I am located perfectly for using public transit to get everywhere! Two entrances to Ossington Subway Station available. Make sure you take a transfer, from the red boxes just inside the entrances, ... read more

Ossington, a 10-15 minute walk north of our house, is the closest subway station. If you're taking public transit from the airport or Union Station, take the 63 South bus from this station and dise... read more

Ossington Subway Station. If you're getting off here, use the Delaware St exit and you'll pop out two blocks closer to us than if you leave by the Ossington St exit! Unlike Dufferin Station (one s... read more

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Pearson International Airport. Many options for transportation to downtown Toronto

YYZ airport. Cabs from here to my condo are roughly $60, so I would recommend taking Uber (slightly cheaper) or even better, the new Union-Pearson Express ($9-$12)

Toronto International Airport - 1 hr drive - 1.5 hr regional transit ride

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9 Queen Quay west, take the ferry to ward island, central island and spend a day there. Take the 72 B Pape bus southbound from the house to Union Station. A 9 minutes walk from the station to th... read more

The ferry slip for the Toronto Island Ferry, which provides transportation between mainland Toronto and the Toronto Islands.

From the Ferry Terminal, you can start your trip to the Toronto Islands which provide a great, refreshing escape from downtown with a beautiful view of Lake Ontario on one side, and the city skylin... read more

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World class airlines, fly from our Toronto Island Airport.

One of the most beautiful airport in the world, enjoy the stunning view when you get off or landing.

Porter Airport is a five minute walk from my location. Don't worry, the sounds of the planes do not disturb you.

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Toronto Coach Terminal The Toronto Coach Terminal is the central bus station for inter-city services in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is located at 610 Bay Street, in the city's Downtown.

Toronto's Central Bus Station. Catch regional buses here and go visit Niagara Falls, Prince Edward County, Muskoka and any nearby city. Book with MegaBus for good deals!

This is a 10 minute walk from here, you can catch buses going to other Canadian cities like Montreal, Ottawa, Niagara, etc. They also have buses going south of the border into the United States to ... read more

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Main Hub, access to North/South subway lines & East/West lines, as well as the Spadina Streetcar. Easy access to Union Station where you can get on the GO Train, Via Rail or the Pearson Express.

Subway. Both subway lines go here. About 10 minutes to downtown with the University-Spadina Line (Yellow). Streetcar. 510 Spadina. Connections to UofT, Chinatown, Entertainment District, City Pla... read more

The Spadina Street cars run North to Spadina Subway Station and South to Lakeshore.

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One of two local subway stations. Yonge & Bloor Stations connect east/westbound trains with north/southbound trains.

Bloor Street is a major east–west residential and commercial thoroughfare in Toronto. It is also home to Toronto's famous shopping street and serves as the main shopping area.

Transfer point for the Yonge Subway line. Easily accessed via the Bloor/Danforth subway line from Chester station.

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Hop on the subway or one of many convenient surface routes. Buy tokens, day passes and weekly passes.

The Main Street Station is for the GO transit. The GO Transit is Ontario's inter-regional transit system, linking Toronto to the greater Toronto area and beyond, via train and bus services. The G... read more

Danforth Subway line. (from house, Kingston Road bus to Main St, then Main St. bus to Subway - both short rides).

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24 hour bus service - exit at Cosburn across from McDonald's

72 Pape bus is very frequent and runs directly to Pape Station / Danforth

East/West Subway Station. Intersects with the 72 SOUTH and 25 SOUTH Bus Routes that run on Carlaw Avenue.

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Bus transportation to other cities within North America is provided through several Intercity Bus companies operating out of the Toronto Coach Terminal including: Greyhound Canada Transportation

This is the Greyhound (private bus company) terminal. Go here to take buses to Niagara Falls, Buffalo-NY, Montreal etc. There are also some MegaBus departures from here. The two major long-distance... read more

The largest North American intercity bus company

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Take the underground subway along Bloor, or streetcars along Dundas, Roncesvalles or King. The College streetcar (24hr line) only comes to the station after hours. You can also find a bus that goes... read more

Walking around the neighbourhood is best. Take the streetcar Northbound on Roncesvalles to Dundas Street West Subway Station if you want to go uptown. Alternatively take the Streetcar Southbound. I... read more

Subway and Streetcar/Tram Station - with many route options $3.25 Flat fare, trains every 2-5 minutes, Streetcars/Trams - please refer to schedules

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Dufferin #29 bus runs 24/7, with access to #2 (green) subway line at Bloor/Dufferin station and the to #1 (yellow - University) subway line at Wilson station. Closest bus stops are at Dufferin St. ... read more

Dufferin Station is the closest one to us by a tiny bit, and it includes an elevator so if you're arriving with luggage this one is best.

Dufferin Station (one of two subway stations close to my house) is a short walk West along Bloor street. (Just past Tim Hortons)

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One of two local subway stations.

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Pleasant three minute walk across Dentonia Park to Victoria Park subway station.

From house - short walk or Kingston Road bus to Victoria Park (Bingham Loop), then Victoria Park bus to subway (about 10 minutes).

This subway station is an 8 min bus ride from my house. The bus stop is 2 mins away. The subway downtown is approx 15 minutes ride. You can buy a day pass or weekly pass or monthly pass. This bus r... read more

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The Toronto Transit Queen Streetcar is 1/2 a block north and will take you from one end of the city to the other through trendy hoods like Leslieville and Queen West. Runs 24 hours.

Take the 501 Streetcar West from the North East corner of Queen & Broadview to connect to the Yonge-University Subway Line

Across the street and around the block. 2 minute walk. Easy to get around

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This is the nearest subway station to the house! There is a bakery inside (good mild beef patties) as well as a Fit For Life restaurant (good for fast and cheap breakfasts or lunches).

Subway. Bloor-Danforth Line/Green Line. Be careful about going east v. west, the signage is confusing. Take the Green Line West to go to the airport (>1 hour) and East to go downtown (20 min), chan... read more

Closest subway stop. To get here, take the Bathurst Street Streetcar southbound from the outdoor platform and get off at College, to walk two blocks over the reach Palmerston, then head north. Or i... read more

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Located just minutes from the downtown core, the Islands are the City's largest parkland. Toronto's ferries can carry more than 4,000 passengers an hour to and from the Islands. Check peak hours an... read more

An amazing place for a long 3.25 mile walk in the country just outside the city on a 10 minute Ferry Boat Ride. A must, beaches, amusement park, rental bikes/boats. Best view of the city.

The ferry ride is a park of the appeal of going to Centre Island. On every Torontonians summer checklist is a trip to Centre Island. Enjoy a peaceful day in the park, the amusement park, a bike r... read more

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St Clair West Station is the closest subway station to the house. It can be accessed easily via bus, streetcar or by foot (10-15 mins). The trip is anywhere from 10-20 mins, depending on where you go.

A wonderfully multicultural neighbourhood with restaurants from all over the world. Many in short walking distance. Lots of cafes as well.

Take St.Clair Ave. streetcar 512 Westbound to Arlington Station and walk north on Arlington.

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Dufferin subway station Bloor subway line, trains run both East and West From here take the 29 Durrerin bus North to get to The Bartlett

Got to love the subway. Take it anywhere and enjoy all the cool neighborhoods in the city.

Takes you to the underground subway system that will connect you to anywhere in the City.

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Woodbine Subway, and Bus service south to The Beaches neighbourhood (Queen Street East), Woodbine Beach on Lake Ontario, Little India neighbourhood (Gerrard & Coxwell), etc.

Hop on the subway or one of many convenient surface routes. Buy tokens, day passes and weekly passes.

We are located in between 2 subway stops, this happens to be just a little further away.

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Allow 30 minutes minimum travel to/from airport.

Flights to/from Brazil to China

There is a good chance that you just came from Pearson Airport, and we pride ourselves with our proximity to the airport. When you leave, you can take a taxi or Uber, or you can take the UP Express... read more

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Easy to get here from our house, either on foot, streetcar, bike or car. Fast access to downtown!

One of fours ways to get to Toronto.

The GO-train takes you into the downtown core at Union Station where you can see the CN Tower and visit Ripley's Aquarium. Tickets are roughly $10 CAD round trip.

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It takes only 20 minutes from this station to go to core downtown. It takes only 6 min by walking to get to this station. A shuttle bus that operates in core hrs (weekdays 7-9 am & 4-7 pm every 10... read more

Main subway station on the Yonge Street line of subways going downtown Toronto.

Yonge line south gets you downtown

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Closest subway stop, about a ten minute walk from the house

Subway stop, Bloor Line. Takes you to downtown in 10 minutes. Easy 15-17min walk from our place

About a 10 minute walk, or a few bus stops away (bus stop located at the corner of Dupont and Christie).

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192 Bus connecting to and from Pearson Airport

Getting onto the subway line.

Three of fours ways to get to Toronto. The subway will bring you to the heart of Toronto. Museum, Yorkville etc.

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Closes subway stations. Can be accessed form any streetcar going north the stops as Langley Ave.

Take the 505 Dundas Streetcar Eastbound, from Dundas-River Intersection. The terminus is Broadview Station from where you can go west and east in the city using the subway.

Take the 504 Streetcar from the South West Corner of Queen & Broadview North to Broadview Station to connect to the Bloor Subway Line