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Bite, savour, and swig. This is where local Airbnb hosts say you should go to get a taste of the city.

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Hands-down my all-time favourite restaurant in Vancouver. It's non-pretentious fine dining, great for brunch or for dinner. Amazing atmosphere in Gastown, with a great patio as well. If you go for ... read more

A bustling restaurant near the hockey arena and BC Place stadium on the edge of Gastown. Hundreds of Belgian Beers, a great wine list and wonderful food. Lamb Tagine! The Mussels!

One of the two best approachable fine dining options in Gastown. Will most likely need to make a reservation well in advance. They serve Belgian style cuisine and seafood. If you enjoy mussels and ... read more

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If you like beer, you must go here! The Craft Beer Market has Canada's largest selection of draft beer, with over 150 beers on tap centred at a massive bar at the room's hub. Drink local or global.... read more

Olympic Village and the Main Street area in general are crammed full of breweries. I'm not huge on breweries myself, but Craft (which is huge and has a patio) is a great place to start a brewery/pu... read more

A huge facility with fairly good food and a HUGE selections of beer ON TAP. This place is a sight to be seen. The operation they are running is admirable, and they accommodate big groups.

125 local Airbnb hosts recommend

A Vegetarian Staple in Vancouver. Open 24 hours a day for late night cravings. Often there will be live music. Often there will be a long wait. Really chill vibe and atmosphere and consequently, v... read more

If you like healthy vegetarian food and a warm, hippie-tinged environment, the Naam is great. 5 min walk from the house. Good food overall and cosy atmosphere. A Vancouver institution that is open ... read more

Iconic, this restaurant is the oldest in Kitsilano. It's been around since the 60's. Great vegetarian food and bohemian vibe unchanged from the hippie era it originates from. Live music every ... read more



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$$· 780 Richards St·Map·Hours·Website·

124 local Airbnb hosts recommend

A must for brunch is Cafe Medina, a café serving connoisseur-savvy coffee, Belgian waffles, full breakfast, lunch, and brunch menu comprised of dishes created by co-owner and chef, Nico Schuermans.

If you’re hungry for brunch, Cafe Medina has got you covered! They have some of the best Belgian waffles in town with so many amazing toppings to choose from like Milk Chocolate Lavender, and even ... read more

Go out of your way for brunch here. What restaurant in the middle of downtown Vancouver is not open for dinner? Medina, because they do brunch so darn well. Perfect little waffles with home made... read more



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$$$· 3106 Cambie St·Map·Hours·Website·

109 local Airbnb hosts recommend

When your craving for Indian food, Vij's comes recommended for a great dining experience in the city! Vij's Rangoli on West 11th Ave is a great spot for a quick lunch and delicious Chai Tea in thei... read more

North American renowned and celebrated Indian restaurant located in Vancouver offering inventive cuisine & a lively atmosphere. Vij is often in attendance greeting guests, and serving appetizers to... read more

The most popular upscale Indian cuisine in the city, which also has a food cart. Go early and be prepared to line up. Some high end grocery stores also carry products from Chef Vij’s line of produc... read more

134 local Airbnb hosts recommend

One of Vancouver's hot new Asian-fusion restaurants in the transitioning old Chinatown. This is a hip place focused on amazing small plates of food that mix traditional Chinese dishes with a West C... read more

This restaurant is considered one of the best in Vancouver - a fusion of Chinese and French. They don't take reservations, but no problems as you can see their front door from the terrace, so you'... read more

Our favourite small plate restaurant. Unique Asian cuisine. Our favourite dish is Shan Tofu made from chick peas. A busy spot and they won't seat you until everyone is present. Be prepared for a... read more

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Best coffee in gastown (and second best in the city). About 8 blocks away at 325 Cambie St (at Cordova). Consistent, perfect coffee.  Espresso, brews and pour-overs. Open 730-6 weekdays.  Closed on... read more

One of three great coffee shops in the Gastown area. Please note - they are closed Sundays. Often very busy. If you intend to hang out and have a conversation over coffee, there is another great sp... read more

Possibly the best coffee shop in town. They allow you to choose from a number of espressos and they use a number of brewing methods. You can buy high-end roasted beans here as well. 

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A short 5-min walk and is very charming. Food is traditional French meals that are delicious but not super fancy. Good wine list and very lovely intimate atmosphere. They require reservations we... read more

The word "Faux" means "False", and "Bourgeois" means "Middle Class" in french. This restaurant serves honest to goodness french food without the snob element. The food and wine are awesome, and the... read more

French bistro - tough to get into, but pop in early or late to get a seat the bar. Cannot go wrong with Steak Frites.

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"It is a Canadian casual dining restaurant chain with the best patio in the city right on the beach in English Bay. Also the best place to have a drink and enjoy the sunset".$$$

Stunning English bay beach front restaurant. Ride your bike to this beachfront restaurant and plan on happy hour. Watch the beach scene unfold in front of you

If you're out for a walk around the seawall, this restaurant makes for a great lunch stop or afternoon drinks and snacks. The patio is right on the seawall at English Bay beach, and makes for some ... read more

89 local Airbnb hosts recommend

This is our favourite taco place in the city. It's cheap. The crispy chicken burrito and the fish tacos are amazing. Takeout is fast if you want to order to-go in the front entrance section of the ... read more

Definitely worth checking out the tacos and cocktails at this classic Gastown spot. 3 tacos should feed you quite well, or if you're in a hurry, grab a burrito from the burrito bar.

Tacofino launched in the infamous BC Surf Town Tofino hence the name. Now with several locations, be sure to visit at least one. One again, gorgeous design elements and the tacos are amazing!

85 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Yummy, thin crust Neapolitan style pizza, baked in a traditional wood-fired oven. The arugula salad rocks- a huge mound of fresh arugula with a light lemony dressing and grated romano cheese. Get t... read more

Best Neapolitan style pizza in the area. One of two pizzerias in Vancouver with the Vera Pizza Napoletana designation. Go for the arugula salad to start. No reservations so best to go early or late... read more

Best authentic wood fired Italian pizza in town. I just came back from Naples, Italy myself and I have to say this is how they make it there. The meatballs at this place is also the best in town.... read more

80 local Airbnb hosts recommend

One of my very own favourite restaurants The Flying Pig. There is not only pork on the menu, it has a wide range of items and, yes, a small portion can be pork. This place is only three blocks away.

Another one of my favourite Vancouver restaurants. Great for brunch, lunch or dinner. Perfect for pork lovers... not so much for vegetarians. Be sure to get a side of brussel sprouts if you visit. ... read more

I know what you’re thinking. The Flying Pig? You must have lots of pork on the menu, right? Nothing could be further from the truth. To be honest, our menu breakdown has a wide range of items and, ... read more

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Long line-ups all the times at the door. The marinated butter beef, filet beef luc lac on rice, deep-fried chicken wings, and hot and sour soup- The flavour is exquisite and there is no comparison!

Vietnamese/Cambodian restaurant in Chinatown. Well known dishes are beef luc luc and their famous chicken wings! Probably best chicken wings I've had! Busy during dinner times, be prepared to wait!

Vietnamese Cambodian Cuisine with consistently high reviews and winner of numerous "Best South East Asian Dining" awards located in the Heart of Chinatown! This family owned restaurant is famous fo... read more

87 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Fish tacos! Fish tacos! Fish tacos! Fresh with an authentic Mexican taste.

Wicked Mexican fast food. Try the Lamb Barrbaccoa burrito or Hurache; a corn flat bread layered with slow cooked meats, queso and pickles.

The best fresh made tacos, burritos, and tortas (sandwiches) in Vancouver is only seconds away from our place. They give away free spicy sauces for you to try by the window and you can get so much ... read more

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If you're out exploring or doing some shopping in the Gastown area, Chill Winston provides for the perfect place to sit out on a patio (or in the beautiful bar itself) and have some drinks a/o some... read more

Eco-friendly menu at restaurant with urban-chic decor & patio seating on Maple Tree Square. Great patio for sunny days.

Super chill classic Gastown ambience, with a creative eco-friendly menu. The patio seating is perfect for people watching.

83 local Airbnb hosts recommend

This Greek restaurant is a bit of hike up Davie from the condo, famous for great prices and huge portions. Line ups start at 5pm, but it's open for Lunch and often with little or no line up.

Be prepared to line up for 30-60 minutes. The most popular Greek restaurant in the West End, food is good and portions are huge. Split an appetizer and entree and you'll be full. Inexpensive!

Now has two locations downtown. The Greek food here is absolutely amazing and the portions are very generous. If you love Greek food, you will definitely not be disappointed here. The lamb souvlaki... read more

75 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Good value and flavor vegetarian restaurant. A younger crowd, louder sound system and friendly place with a good view of passers by and Main Street city life.

Located at the farthest edges of SoMa--past Broadway on Main and 6th Ave--lives The Foundation, one of Vancouver's best vegetarian and vegan restaurants. One of the city's best cheap eats.

Most well known for massive plates of nachos, rap music, delicious vegetarian food, and tortoise like service. Great food if you not in rush to be any where anytime soon. :)

96 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Close coffee in a nice space with chocolate bread. A bit pricey/ hipster. Check out all the craft and art stores in this little strip -- collage collage, cloth store, pottery place.

From my friend, Soraya - The ultimate coffee tour starting with the bastion that is Matchstick, continuing in mount pleasant at 33 acres, elysian, oh maybe before that check out the quaint marche s... read more

Espresso, pour overs, tea, baked goods - this place is hipster heaven. Wifi - yes. Power outlets - nope - bring your laptop charged.

73 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Stylish eatery offering ambitious vegetarian/vegan fare with signature cocktails and local beer/wine. Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw, Gluten Free options abound

Vegetarian restaurant unlike any other. The food is delicious and meat eaters won't even notice that they are eating vegetarian. Great cocktails and wine list. Food is super local and often foraged... read more

We went here recently for a vegetarian friend's birthday. As a non-vegetarian, but with a vegan daughter, I have to say this is one of the best vegetarian restaurants I've been to. Lots of differen... read more

80 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Best Italian restaurant in the city. They don't take reservations so be prepared to line up. We put our name on the list and wander around the corner to the Urban Winery for a glass of wine and the... read more

Hands down the best Italian food in Vancouver. Lovely little space in Railtown - brunch and dinner. AfL don't take reservations, so you need to line up early to get a table at a reasonable time. Ki... read more

Tiny, delicious, italian, local, no reservations taken, go early, amazing, highly recommended. If you . Once you get your name down and you need to wait longer than 30 min, walk over to Belgard Ki... read more

75 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Cool vibe, fantastic Cuban fusion food and drinks. A heated patio open all year long. Live theatre in the back of the restaurant so grab a bite, a cocktail and see the show. 2 blocks from the apt..

Havana . This snazzy restaurant and bar offers a mixed continental menu, highlighting traditional Cuban favorites.The indoor dining room is adorned with antique photos of Cuba. There's an outdoor "... read more

You really should explore East Vancouver, and Commercial Drive is the epicentre of East-Van cool. Loads of independent restaurants, shops, and a very hip scene. Havana is a mainstay on "The Driv... read more

78 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Blue Water Cafe is Vancouver's definitive destination for seafood, and consistently awarded Best Seafood Restaurant in Vancouver. It's a high end place with quality food and service.

A big restaurant that somehow seems cozy. Stellar seafood dishes, wonderful wines, great discreet,service. Special occasion place.

Blue water serves the best seafood and sushi in town- this is reflective in the price. I like to sit at the bar where they make the sushi in front of you!

78 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Freshly carved meet prepared on ciabatta bread, accompanied with mustard and hot sauce made – all made in-house. Watch out for the long line ups during lunch hour.

Exactly as the name implies. Order at the counter and then find a table. Busy at lunchtime. If you can’t find a table, get it to go… which is what most people do. Address: 370 Cambie Street, Gasto... read more

Meat & Bread is a cheaper lunch option in Gastown serving meat-focused sandwiches. The Porchetta is our absolute favourite. It's very popular with professionals in the area so expect to have to wai... read more

75 local Airbnb hosts recommend

So popular for its inexpensive, tasty sushi that there are often hour-long lines just to get in, Toshi Sushi has become a local legend. Sushi lovers can get their fix of traditional favourites as well

Tiny little sushi restaurant on Main and 16th Avenue. If you are in the area around 4:45 or 5pm, come here for sushi dinner. After 5:15, you will be lining up til 6pm. Fresh sushi, great black c... read more

One of the best sushi restaurants in town, they have amazingly fresh ingredients. There is always a wait so write your name on the sheet, go to the Five Point for a drink (across the street) and c... read more

76 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Some of the best tacos in the city. Highly recommend the fish tacos, but they are all delicious and inexpensive. A popular local hangout. Get there early (between 5-6 PM for quick seating).

Inventive modern Mexican, including some wonderful standbys like tacos. Their fish tacos are some of the best in the city. Great beers on tap. Their desserts are fab--- highly recommend the lime... read more

Absolutely delicious fish tacos! Great vegetarian tacos too! Great ambiance, beautiful locally designed and made lighting. Kid friendly. Not quiet- pretty loud.

76 local Airbnb hosts recommend

One of several Cactus Clubs in Vancouver. This location boasts amazing views of Burrard Inlet and the North Shore mountains. Located right next to the new convention centre.

Casual fine dining where you can enjoy panoramic views of the North Shore Mountains, Stanley Park and the Olympic Cauldron. This location also has a sectioned lounge side where a live DJ spins top ... read more

So the trick here is to have a party less than 6 and reserve seats in advance along the window wall (they will know what you mean). You will get an amazing view of the harbour, Stanley Park, and th... read more

68 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Vibrant, booth-lined dining room for seafood & steak, with a popular oyster bar & rooftop patio. This place has achieved legendary status in Vancouver.

Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House has achieved legendary status in Vancouver. For 30 years Joe Fortes has consistently earned & maintained its reputation as an award-winning Vancouver restaurant. Gue... read more

Best steak and seafood institution in the city, hands down. Order fresh shucked oysters from the oyster bar, enjoy a glass of cognac, and listen to the ever-so-talented pianist play your favorite t... read more

74 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Best vegetarian mexican EVER. Wolf and goat tacos, the best! Grab a horchata while you're there:)

Vegetarian burritos. Popular with the healthy minded folks. Reserve ahead...this place is always busy at dinner times.

Vegetarian Mexican food, great place for brunch. They don't take reservations and can sometimes be very busy so phone ahead if you're very hungry.



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$$$· 217 Carrall St·Map·Hours·Website·

82 local Airbnb hosts recommend

I would say this is probably my favourite restaurant in Gastown. Homed in a 19th century building and Vancouver's 1st jail. French cuisine in a location to die for.

One of the two best approachable fine dining options in Gastown. Great atmosphere, good service, picturesque Gastown decor. Great spot for a romantic date. They do fresh west coast ingredients with... read more

Located in the heart of Gastown, intimate decor and setting, with food and service that never disappoint. Everything is amazing on the menu. Also a great place just to have a cocktail. I would g... read more

72 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Like Seafood? Crazy for oysters? Rodney's is definitely the place to try if you want the best oysters in town. Upbeat atmosphere attracts locals and tourists. Head there between 3 & 6 for happy hour!

Great seafood selections and fresh oysters! Join them Monday to Saturday from 3 - 6pm for their "Low Tide" happy hour selections and cheap oysters!

If you like oysters you have to check out Rodney's. Ask for a table on the top level. The vibe here is great - all the staff are so enthusiastic and they play great music. For other foods, I highly... read more