Community Leader Application

We’re so excited to meet you!

Community Leaders are an indispensable part of the Airbnb Host Community. As a Leader, you’ll bring Hosts together to collaborate and share by building and growing a local Host Club. Take a moment to read through the Program Details here.

A few important things to note:

  • Community Leaders are volunteers who lead a group of Hosts locally
  • Community Leaders may not represent or identify themselves as Airbnb employees or agents
  • Community Leaders may not provide advice inconsistent with local rules. We suggest Leaders do not offer fellow hosts legal advice. (Refer to Airbnb’s Responsible Hosting Pages for legal questions)
  • Community Leaders may not engage in activities that harm other members, Airbnb, or Airbnb’s brand or reputation
  • Community Leaders will be asked to sign an agreement that covers the above points

Once you have reviewed the Program Details and the above rules, please take time to thoughtfully respond to the questions below. The more thorough your responses, the better we will understand your interest in becoming a Community Leader.

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