Disaster Response Programme

Open your doors to those in need or find emergency accommodations

Active Disasters
Affected Area: Barcelona
Hosts are helping all over the world
Thousands of hosts have housed individuals, families, and relief workers during emergency situations worldwide.
Global Emergencies
3000 +
Activated Listings
How it works
Airbnb hosts can respond to crises in their community by offering housing to displaced neighbours and relief workers deployed to help.
During an emergency, Airbnb may email local hosts with information about how to help and how to offer their extra space to affected community members. These hosts are still covered by the Host Guarantee, and Airbnb’s fees are waived.
Learn more about how Airbnb partners with government organisations and NGOs to support communities during and after a disaster.
Inspired by the community
Hurricane Sandy hit New York in 2012, and Airbnb hosts immediately began helping in the way they knew best–by providing a home and warm welcome for their neighbours in need.
Inspired by their generosity, Airbnb created the Disaster Response service, to make it easier for community members all over the world to provide emergency accommodations in times of crisis.
Read more about the programme and the hosts that inspired us
helping hands
Collaborating with regional disaster relief organisations in advance of an event allows us to reach a broader audience and help more people during the actual event. That is why we are pleased to partner with local government agencies and disaster relief organisations to help the Airbnb community and the cities prepare for local emergencies.