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    When deciding whether to become an Airbnb host, it is important for you to understand the laws in your city. As a platform and marketplace, we do not provide legal advice, but we want to give you some useful links that may help you better understand local bylaws and regulations in Vancouver. This list is not exhaustive, but it should give you a good start in understanding your local laws.


    Find more information about Vancouver’s short-term rental rules, as well as applying for or renewing your short-term rental business licence.

    Short-term rental regulations

    The following rules apply to vacation rentals in Vancouver.


    • An entire home, or a room within that home, that is rented for less than 30 consecutive days at a time.
    • ​Only be operated from your principal residence—the home where you live, as an owner or tenant, and use for bills, identification, taxes, and insurance.
    • Secondary homes or basement suites if the operator lives there full-time and it is their principal residence.

    Short-term rentals are not permitted:

    • In accessory buildings (like a garage or art studio, trailer or boat) or in Rental 100 buildings.
    • Homes that pay the Empty Homes Tax (The tax applies to homes that aren't the owner’s principal residence, or that aren't rented long-term).

    Other contracts and rules

    As a host, you need to understand and abide by other contracts or rules that bind you, including leases, co-op rules, HOA rules, or other rules established by tenant organizations. You should be able to find out more by contacting your housing authority (such as a community council) or landlord. Your lease (or other contract) might also have specific details.

    Our commitment to your community

    We are committed to working with local officials to help them understand how Airbnb benefits our community. Where needed, we will continue to advocate for changes that will allow regular people to rent out their own homes.

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