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What do I need to know before attending an Online Experience on Zoom?

Zoom is a third-party cloud platform for video conferencing and can be used on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

System requirements and internet connection

Before you attend your experience, make sure your device meets the Zoom system requirements and test your internet connection by joining a test meeting.

To learn more about the system requirements for a desktop computer, read the System Requirements for PC, Mac, and Linux article in Zoom’s Help Centre. To learn more about the system requirements for a mobile device, read the System Requirements for iOS, iPadOS, and Android article. To test your internet connection, join a test meeting.

Maintaining your privacy when using Zoom

Your privacy is important to us. Here are the steps we’ve taken to help protect your privacy during online experiences, along with tips for you to protect your privacy when using Zoom. If any of the following settings aren't going to be applied to your experience, we'll notify you before you book.

How Airbnb helps to protect your privacy when you use Zoom:

  • A random, password-protected meeting ID is created for each experience
  • Experiences cannot be recorded through Zoom
  • Guest video is turned off upon entry into the Zoom meeting room
  • Guests cannot share their screens during the experience
  • Guests cannot chat 1:1 with other guests through Zoom
  • Files cannot be transferred through Zoom
  • The "waiting room" feature is on by default, allowing hosts to admit guests into the Zoom meeting room individually

Tips to help you protect your privacy:

  • Don’t share the password-protected Zoom meeting link with anyone else
  • Use the most up-to-date version of the Zoom app
  • Be aware of your surroundings and what’s behind you when you are on camera—your host and other guests will be able to see it
  • Mute yourself until you’re ready to speak
  • Take care when using the group chat feature as all participants will be able to read what you post
  • If you don’t want to provide your full name to the guests and hosts of your experience, you can input a different handle or use your first name only when logging into Zoom
  • Please do not screenshot or take photos of your host or other guests without their permission

Closed captioning

To make it easier for people with disabilities and other accessibility needs to join online experiences, we’ve enabled closed captioning functionality on Zoom. Closed captioning services may be provided by a host or co-host, Zoom, or third-party service providers, and may not be available in all languages.

Live streaming

In some cases, we may live stream online experiences using platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, or Kaltura. You can learn more about how Zoom meetings are live streamed on YouTube and Facebook in Zoom’s Help Centre. If an Airbnb Experience is going to be live streamed on a third-party platform, we will notify you before you book.

Where to meet your host

You’ll receive a link to join the experience online in your confirmation email, and in the reminder email sent before the online experience begins. You can also find it in your reservation information found in the Trips page.

Log in to Zoom at least 5 minutes early to make sure everything is working properly and that you are on time for the experience. It’s important to note that your host has the option to reject late guests, and that guests who arrive late are not eligible for a refund. Learn more in our Experiences Guest Refund Policy article.

Zoom issues

Make sure you have the correct link for your online experience. If the link isn’t working, close Zoom and try the link again. If it’s still not working, message your host to confirm whether they’re having issues with Zoom.

If Zoom is asking you for a password, message your host through Airbnb to ask for the password.

Finally, if the host isn’t having any issues, visit the Zoom Help Centre.

Privacy or safety issues during the experience

If you come across any inappropriate content, or have an issue concerning privacy or safety during your experience, contact Airbnb's community support and report it. Provide as much information as possible and Airbnb will investigate the issue.

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