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  • How-to

    Booking requirements

    After the basics (name, email, and phone number) we need a little more info in order for you to book your stay.
  • Community policy • Guest

    Age requirements

    You must be at least 18 to book a reservation or host your place on Airbnb.
  • Rules • Guest

    Travelling with children

    Yes, children can travel on Airbnb, but some Hosts have specified that their space may not be safe or suitable for children or infants.
  • Community policy

    Accessibility Policy

    Our community is built on the principles of inclusion, belonging, and respect, which includes welcoming and supporting people with disabilities. In general, guests who require reasonable accommodations and services should not be discriminated against or denied service while using Airbnb. In some jurisdictions, legal requirements may expand or limit the reasonable accommodations a Host must provide. Hosts and guests must comply with these legal requirements.
  • Rules • Guest

    Booking in Cuba

    Airbnb has been granted special authorization by the US Department of Treasury that allows us to offer authorized travel services to non-US persons going to Cuba.
  • How-to • Guest

    Booking in Japan

    Get helpful info on what you need to know before booking a stay in Japan, including info you’ll give your Host.