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Booking an Experience for your team

Get the whole team together with in-person or virtual Airbnb Experiences, led by local experts.

You can browse for Experiences your team would love, or search by location.

Search for Experiences by location

  1. From the Airbnb home page, click Experiences
  2. Enter Location and select date
  3. Click Guests and enter the number of participants

You can filter the results or browse until you find the perfect match. You can also message the Host directly to ask if they can host your group privately, or customize the Experience for your team.

Ready to finalize your reservation? You’ll be prompted to enter the names of participants and their email addresses. Including email addresses is optional, but will ensure your team gets useful info along the way.

Online experiences

From a pasta-making class to goal-setting with an Olympian, discover new team-building Online Experiences. Search by date, group size, price, and kind of Experience.

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