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Reading performance data for quality

Hosting tools offer exclusive booking insights to Hosts in your area and actionable tips designed to help you adapt to guest preferences quickly.

You can find performance data for quality in Insights, under Quality.

How quality is measured

It aggregates the number of 5-star ratings you get from guests across 7 categories:

  • Accuracy
  • Check-in
  • Cleanliness
  • Communication
  • Location
  • Value

It also allows you to monitor your percentage of 5-star ratings, track your overall rating, review quality over specific time frames for each category, and compare your rating to similar listings. Find out more about rating categories.

Benefits of using 5-star ratings to measure quality

Get accurate, easily measurable data to help you make strategic decisions. Since the 5-star ratings are formed from multiple, specific review categories and have clear daily change, you can take speedy action on any problems that surface through reviews, and access long-term trends.

Note: Don't have a Performance tab? That means you need to opt in to professional hosting tools.

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