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Guest Favourite badge

Guest Favourites are a collection of the most-loved homes on Airbnb, according to guests. Guest Favourites are based on ratings, reviews, and reliability data from over half a billion trips. These homes feature a badge in search and on the listing details page.

How it works

Every day, listings are evaluated automatically based on the ratings, reviews, and data from millions of guests travelling daily, to determine which homes are the most loved by guests.

Hosts do not need to apply for their listing to be evaluated for the Guest Favourite badge. The badge is automatically applied and updated every 24 hours. Hosts can review if their listings qualify for Guest Favourites by opting in to the Early Access program on or after November 8, 2023 and using the new Listings tab to View their listing(s). In the View feature, you can find if the listing features the Guest Favourites badge. Hosts can also browse as a guest to find if their listing features the badge in search results.

There are a variety of factors that help identify Guest Favourites, including:

  • Overall star ratings and feedback in guest reviews
  • Category ratings from guests for check-in, cleanliness, accuracy, Host communication, location, and value
  • Host cancellation rates
  • Quality-related incidents reported to Airbnb customer service
  • A minimum of 5 reviews

Focusing on these main areas can help your home become one of the most loved by guests on Airbnb. Learn more about some common characteristics of Guest Favourites.

Guest Favourite and Superhost status

Each of your listings will be treated individually when determining eligibility for the Guest Favourite badge. If you’re a Superhost, your listings that qualify will get the Guest Favourite badge in search results, while those that don't will retain the Superhost badge.

Your listings' Guest Favourite status will not affect your Superhost status in any way. If you’re a Superhost, your listings—whether they qualify for the Guest Favourite badge or not—will still show your Superhost status on the listing details page.

You can also analyze the ratings, reviews, or concerns raised by your guests and work on how to improve the guest’s overall experience. Examples include: Ensuring the advertised amenities work during guest stays, keeping the listing clean between check-ins, being responsive when guests reach out, etc.

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