Neighbourhood Support

We know that issues can come up in any community. It's usually fastest to communicate directly with your neighbour to address concerns related to home sharing, but you can also contact us below for additional support. If you have a concern unrelated to your neighbourhood, please visit our Help Centre.

Is this an emergency?
Call 911 to contact local police or other emergency services if someone is in danger or injured.
Is there a party or disturbance nearby?
Request a call from the Neighbourhood Support team.
Call the Neighbourhood Support team directly at +1 (855) 635-7754.
You’ll be taken outside of Airbnb to call local emergency services. Use of this feature is subject to our policy.

For non-urgent neighbourhood concerns, send us a message

After you complete the form, you’ll get a confirmation email with a case number.

Our team will review your concern. If we match it with an active Airbnb listing, we’ll get in touch with the host.

We'll follow up with you after additional investigation. If we need to, we'll reach out for more information.

Select a topic to get started. Which of these topics is your concern about?

Noise or party

We know excessive noise or a party can be frustrating. Complete the form below and we’ll get to the bottom of it.

Do you have the link to the Airbnb listing for this home? It'll help us contact the host faster.